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Wow, if you did not make the reunion in Palm Springs, you really missed a fantastic time. We had over 380 people attend, with over 100 flight attendants showing up. Our most senior flight attendant, Jan Ross Carerre flew troops to Korea in the early 50's.

The flight attendants were honored throughout the whole reunion. We had an open microphone session in the hospitality suite where anybody could get up and talk about their experiences and poems that had been shared and written, some over 50 years ago. It was a real success and everyone agreed something we should plan for next year.

The event at the Museum had most attendees wearing some type of military attire. Several of the men went as Klinger in drag! A contingency of flight attendants got up on the stage and did a pre-flight passenger briefing. It was hilarious! 

At the dinner on Saturday evening, some of our outstanding flight attendants were honored, including Marilyn Breen and Betty Carver, for all of their contributions throughout the years to Flying Tigers. 

We had several comments from attendees that this was their best reunion ever, and all were excited about the variety of items made available in the Hangar store. 

Although unable to attend, Al Lopez honored the flight attendants by providing us free margaritas after the business meeting on Saturday!  He created three beautiful plaques dedicated to the nine flight attendants killed in Flying Tiger aircraft accidents in our history. One was sent to Carol Gould Hanson, one given to the Palm Springs Air Museum for inclusion in our exhibit, and one for our group to display in our future hospitality suites.

So I am encouraging everyone, if you are able, to attend next year's reunion in Long Beach California. John and his fellow officers are pulling out all stops to make sure it is a fantastic reunion, with a post-reunion trip to Catalina.  So start saving your pennies now for next year! 

There are ups and downs with every event, and this year was no exception. Unfortunately, before Marsha Hay Merz was able to return home in Washington, her husband passed away. Tigers has always been known as a family that helps one another. And this year was no exception. Several of the flight attendants who live in Washington state, attended her husband's funeral.  We were also saddened to hear the news of Becky Day's passing shortly after our event. Becky and her husband, fellow FA Dan Day, who live in Palm Desert had invited all former FTL flight attendants to come visit and say goodbye to her on Friday night. A bittersweet moment for all I am sure.

So, I'm wishing everyone a happy, healthy and productive summer. We'll be back in the fall with more news on next year's reunion.

God bless you all,

Joyce Danielsen Dalbey
(509) 899-1731

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