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Joyce Danielsen Dalbey
Phone: (509) 899-1731

Our reunion in Long Beach this past May was, as usual, another great success. Although smaller than previous reunions, all that attended enjoyed the comradely that only Tigers can have. A recent Face book post on the Flying Tiger page said it all, “I worked for Tigers for 4 years and FedEx for 30. So why is it that the 4 years I worked for Tigers was the most memorable?”

And next year’s reunion in San Antonio will be no exception. We haven’t been there in several years and the memories of that reunion are still clear. Not only will our hotel be on the River Walk, but our hospitality suite will open right onto the River Walk! And to add to the adventure, why not consider taking the train to the reunion? My husband and I found out that the Amtrak comes through Yuma and 28 hours later arrives in San Antonio, and only 6 blocks from our hotel! And we reserved a Roomette to add to the journey. Then flying home using miles.

This reunion will also be much more leisurely, with fewer planned activities and more time to spend exploring the city on your own. With maybe another bicycle ride thrown in. But be careful riding your bikes, as my husband, Gene, found out. While riding the neighborhood he went through a small puddle of water and his bike through out in front of him, causing him to be thrown off and into a curb. Luckily, a medical van was passing by and picked him up. Long story short, a stop at the E.R. revealed he had fractured a bone in his right hand and fractured his right pelvis and hip socket. Surgery, two weeks in the hospital and rehab, and he is home wheelchair bound for 8 weeks! But his bicycle is also in the “hospital” so I don’t think his riding days are over.

So please plan on coming to San Antonio. Where you can share your memories with us all. And the new adventures you’ve had since Tigers!

Speaking of memories, Marilynn and her associates planned another reunion in Sacramento recalling their Vietnam flights. There was a great article written about it in the S. F. Chronicle, which garnered letters from several military personnel who flew on Tigers during Vietnam.

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