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The Way It Was  (A brief look at our FTL flight attendant history.)

Flight Attendant Representative

Deborah Paul
Phone: (310) 259-9701

Under the auspicious of our 50-year old Flying Tiger Line Pilots Association I have agreed to
take Joyce Danielson’s place along with Robin Pestarino as your flight attendant representative for the next few years. I’ll introduce some new ideas, as well as hold fast to the tried and tested organizational skills of Joyce and Robin throughout the years. I’m quickly learning hard how much work these two have contributed these last few decades.

I definitely want to make sure the flight attendants are well represented in the new Flying Tiger Line Historical Society. We all know the company wouldn’t have existed as long as it did without us, right? Plus, I will do my best to make sure we all stay in contact through, e-mails, Facebook, letters and texts. And I’d love to hear your stories, what you are doing in retirement and who gets together with who, so we can be well-represented in the monthly newsletters. Just give me the facts and I’ll write it up.

But those who know me, know I’m totally incapable of doing this honorable task by myself, so I will be asking for help from time to time and needing it greatly. Also, if anyone has ideas for the 2028 reunion where the Flight Attendants will once again be honored, there’s no time like the present to start working on it.