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Cockpit Crewmembers of The Flying Tiger Line

The table presented below is a general chronology of the employment of cockpit crew members for the Flying Tiger Line from the first three flights of National Skyways Airfreight Corporation on August 22, 1945 to the acquisition by Federal Express on August 9, 1989.  The data has been derived from archived pilot, flight engineer, and navigator seniority lists, as well as assignment lists, archived Tigereviews, and other retirement documentation provided by numerous sources.

This final result is not a seniority list.  Although accurate once hiring began again subsequent to the Seaboard merger in 1981, the relative position of any particular name within this list does not necessarily reflect the actual seniority enjoyed by that crew member throughout his or her career.   The reasons for this involve the early segregation of pilot and co-pilot lists, actual dates of hire vs. dates of activation in a particular seat, the release of Navigators after INS equipment was installed, and the upgrade program for 84 flight engineers.  These and other factors contribute to a blurring of actual seniority based strictly on date of hire during certain eras in the airline's history.

Crew members acquired from Seaboard World Airways have all been given the date of the merger (March 17, 1981) as their initial employment date with FTL, which has no relevance to their longevity at SWA nor the seniority positions awarded within the new integrated list.  Their actual dates of hire at SWA have been noted and an attempt at a relative display of seniority within this group at the date of the merger has been attempted.

The names of those hired by FTL but whom never made it through training, either by choice or by failure, have been omitted from this list.  With the exception of our founder, Robert Prescott, and out of posthomous respect for newly hired crew member Antony Poli, only those known to have actually worn the wings of the Flying Tiger Line on revenue flights are included on the list below.

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NameEmp #Hire DateInitial_PositionAdditonal Information
Prescott, Robert W. 16/1/1945Founder & PresidentAVG pilot and founder who supposedly never flew a revenue flight but was given Seniority #1 after his death in 1978.
Hedman, Robert P. "Duke"1126/1/1945Pilot & Vice-PresidentAVG pilot and original investor. Flew Trip #3 New York-Long Beach furniture charter on 8/21/1945. More details...
Gordon, JohnUnknown8/21/1945PilotFlew Trip #1 Long Beach-Detroit flower charter. First crash of FTL aircraft on 8/23/1945 on subsequent takeoff from Detroit. Gordon safe but aircraft was destroyed. Unknown Copilot walked away with briefcase and was never heard from again.
Kelly, PaulUnknown8/21/1945PilotFlew Trip #2 Bakersfield-Atlanta grape charter
Rosbert, C. Joseph "CJ"Unknown8/21/1945PilotAVG pilot and original investor. Was in office on first flight day as Superindent of Operations (Chief Pilot). Captain on crash of Budd on golf course on 1/1/1946 after forced down in snow on flight between Washington D.C. and Nashville enroute to Long Beach. Three crew and four passengers walked away.
Laughlin, Link1649/20/1945PilotAVG pilot and original investor
Haywood, Tom C. "Tommy"115610/1/1945PilotAVG pilot and original investor. Flew West 12/1978
Groh, Cliff G.9411/16/1945PilotAVG pilot and original investor. In Memoriam
Robins, Doug K.Unknown12/16/1945PilotNot A. G. Robins hired in 1946
Taulbee, H. N.Unknown12/19/1945Pilot
"Doc" LewisUnknown12/19/1945Flt MechFlight Mechanic onboard first fatal crash for FTL, a Budd that crashed at Academa, New Mexico enroute from Dayton to Long Beach. DOH estimated. Pilot and Co-pilot still unidentified.
Brown, Oral E. "Brownie"Unknown12/20/1945Flt MechMechanic onboard Budd that crashed on golf course with Rosbert on 1/1/46. DOH estimated.
Pinney, JohnUnknown12/20/1945PilotCopilot aboard crash of Budd in golf course with Rosbert. DOH estimated.
Hedden, Ralph W.1311/12/1946Pilot
Lane, J. V. "Skippy"1571/26/1946Pilot
Wall, Herbert J.2971/27/1946PilotOriginal FTLRPA Vice President (1974)
Goldsmith, John P. "Goldy"953/11/1946PilotJohn & Skip Goldsmith's father
Robins, A. G.Unknown5/12/1946PilotDifferent pilot than D. Robins hired in 1945
Hurley, W. J.Unknown5/8/1946Pilot
Rees, R. G.Unknown5/21/1946Pilot
Russell, John J. "Jack"2446/8/1946Pilot
Machado, Anthony J.1996/24/1946PilotCaptain who survived ditching of DC-4 (FTL 7413) enroute from HNL to Wake on 9/24/1955.
Myer, Glen A.1858/12/1946Pilot
Donahoe, George R.578/24/1946PilotCaptain on fatal crash of a Constellation (N6920C) on approach to Tachikawa, Japan from Wake Island on 9/9/1958.
Benning, W. C.Unknown8/29/1946Pilot
Allen, Raymond S.29/6/1946Pilot
Hoopes, Lloyd A.13010/5/1946Pilot
Stone, Elton C.Unknown10/26/1946Pilot
Seymour, Arthur F.24811/1/1946Pilot
Long, John E.15411/23/1946Pilot
Martin, Robert H.18412/15/1946Pilot
Roush, C. W.Unknown12/26/1946Pilot
Mosconi, G.Unknown12/28/1946Pilot
Bountis, A. N.Unknown12/28/1946Pilot
Pittenger, R. M.Unknown12/29/1946Pilot
Christiansen, , A. E.Unknown12/29/1946Pilot
Wiley, J. F.Unknown12/30/1946Pilot
Russel, V. A.Unknown12/30/1946Pilot
Ventresca, Dominic Unknown1/1/1947NavigatorOne of two Navigators killed in the ditching of a DC-4 (FTL 7413) from Honolulu to Wake Island on 9/24/1955
Dieckman, J. D.Unknown1/1/1947Pilot
Jones, J. E.Unknown1/1/1947Pilot
Aldrich, Russell K. Unknown1/1/1947Pilot
Chesbrough, W. T.Unknown1/1/1947Pilot
Merrill, B. M.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Donnell, R. L.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Christine, W. W.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Rafferty, Joseph A.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Klein, J. F.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Sims, S. G.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Garske, E. H.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Spence, C. J.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Short, D. A.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Blakeman, L. E.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Speckart, J. R.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Geiser, A. W.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Mills, L. C.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Rector, C. A.Unknown1/2/1947Pilot
Hamilton, A. S.Unknown1/4/1947Pilot
Monteverde, A.Unknown1/4/1947Pilot
Jennings, W. G.Unknown1/5/1947Pilot
Carr, W. G.Unknown1/10/1947Pilot
Hosford, R. F.Unknown1/10/1947Pilot
Hansmire, P. E. Unknown1/10/1947Pilot
Hanson, E. B.Unknown1/10/1947Pilot
Ament, W. H.Unknown1/10/1947Pilot
Webb, J. S.Unknown1/12/1947Pilot
Broderick, R. H.Unknown1/12/1947Pilot
Brown, R. R.Unknown1/14/1947Pilot
Miller, E.Unknown1/14/1947Pilot
Weaver, R. P.Unknown1/15/1947Pilot
Carolan, J. W.Unknown1/16/1947Pilot
Davenport, F. A.Unknown1/16/1947Pilot
Keen, F. R.Unknown1/17/1947Pilot
Bitner, W. H.Unknown1/17/1947Pilot
Collins, P. V.Unknown1/17/1947Pilot
Jones, R. E.Unknown1/17/1947Pilot
Ice, William H.14111/18/1947Pilot
Spellman, C. P.Unknown1/18/1947Pilot
McNames, L. W.Unknown1/18/1947Pilot
Spellman, C. P.Unknown1/18/1947Pilot
Coe, D.Unknown1/18/1947Pilot
Smith, Z. S.Unknown1/19/1947Pilot
Roach, C. W.Unknown1/19/1947Pilot
Mefford, D. M.Unknown1/20/1947Pilot
Sargent, G. W.Unknown1/20/1947Pilot
Click, M. H.Unknown1/20/1947Pilot
Buis, K. L.Unknown1/21/1947Pilot
Malott, C. R.Unknown1/21/1947Pilot
Johnson, R. T.Unknown1/22/1947Pilot
O'Brien, W. E.Unknown1/25/1947Pilot
Vinson, J. H.Unknown1/27/1947Pilot
Kirkland, G. C.Unknown1/30/1947Pilot
Larson, W. A.Unknown1/30/1947Pilot
Patton, H. C.Unknown1/30/1947Pilot
Gehret, R. K.Unknown1/30/1947Pilot
Lueke, K.. L.Unknown2/1/1947Pilot
Sorenson, BobUnknown3/18/1947PilotDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1952 Tigereview
Hicks, Charles W.19883/18/1947Pilot
Greber, Charles E.Unknown12/15/1947PilotCaptain on fatal crash of DC-4 (FTL 841) on approach to Boeing Field (KBFI) from SFO on 1/7/1953
Bessey, Edward C.Unknown6/1/1948PilotDOH estimated. Omission noted by grandson.
Stuelke, Richard A.24088/1/1948Pilot
Souers, Robert L.24598/26/1948Pilot
Korty, Raymond V.251210/14/1948Pilot
Korth, William14511/2/1948Pilot
Robbins, A. D.Unknown12/25/1948PilotDifferent pilot than two Robins hired earlier in '45 and '46
Bixby, DiannaUnknown1/1/1949PilotHired temporarily for one year under agreement to lease back aircraft. In reality the first woman to ever fly for FTL. Much more to the story.
Holmes, John L.25072/22/1949Pilot
Graff, Franklin F.24114/2/1949Pilot
Woodward, John D. "Woody"24414/4/1949Pilot
Dobson, John R. "Dobbie"24734/5/1949Pilot
Le Clere, Lucien L. "Lou"26066/13/1949Pilot
Martin, James M.28249/4/1949Pilot
Laird, Thomas W.28019/5/1949Pilot
Stratford, Richard A.28429/11/1949Pilot
McMahon, Stuart J.28109/15/1949Pilot
Morris, Jack F.28279/19/1949Pilot
Pinke, Edgar A.28479/22/1949Pilot
Buskey, Douglas H.290410/14/1949Pilot
Bock, George A.293410/17/1949Pilot
Bitner, William H.134910/19/1949Pilot
Henderson, Kenneth E.296810/20/1949Pilot
Neff, Rowan N.262110/23/1949Pilot
Baker, William G.295110/24/1949Pilot
Flood, Emit G.293310/26/1949Pilot
Barlow, Robert V.36961/12/1950Pilot
Pattison, William F.26281/16/1950Pilot
Orlicky, William J.51501/31/1950Navigator
Alexander, James D.36452/1/1950Pilot
Armstrong, W. Robert37282/8/1950Pilot
Costello, Gerald. L. "Lou"37442/24/1950Pilot
Perreault, Albert D.37462/25/1950Pilot
Jackson, Frank E.37662/26/1950Pilot
Rossi, John R. "Dick"38315/17/1950PilotOriginal AVG and one of ten original investors. Original FTLRPA Founder and President (1974)
Jarvis, L. E.39136/3/1950Navigator
Wanzer, Jack S.3866/9/1950Navigator
Brooks, Howard F.38546/14/1950Pilot
Tally, G. K. "Curt"38526/7/1950Pilot
Flanagin, Arthur L.38676/14/1950PilotDennis Flanagin's father
Edge, George A.38646/14/1950Pilot
Garton, Thor T.38516/14/1950Pilot
Kelley, Russ E.38536/14/1950Pilot
Franklin, William L. 34936/8/1950Pilot
Hawkins, Frank L.39046/13/1950PilotCaptain in crash of a CL-44 while on GCA approach to Da Nang (VVDN) from Tachikawa (RJTC) in dense fog on 12/24/66
Mulvaney, Harold F. "Hal"33406/15/1950Navigator
Jewett, Darryl L.38456/30/1950Navigator
Hawes, Robert E. 39026/10/1950Pilot
Aldrich, Russ K. 11987/4/1950Pilot
Olsen, Richard C.Unknown7/5/1950Radio OpRadio Operator (and Chief Nav) killed in the ditching of a DC-4 (FTL 7413) from Honolulu to Wake Island on 9/24/1955
Kurtz, JerryUnknown7/5/1950Radio OpDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1952 Tigereview
Thomas, Gregory P.41417/7/1950PilotCaptain on mysterious and fatal disappearance of Constellation (FTL 7815) over water on MATS passenger flight from Guam to Saigon on March 15, 1962
Royall, Samual E. 19937/15/1950Pilot
Power, Robert H.40777/1/1950Pilot
Tharp, Bobbie V.11937/12/1950PilotErnie Tharp's father
Treft, C. Monte39387/7/1950PilotCaptain on fatal crash of DC8 (FTL 45) on short approach to Naha, Okinawa from Tokyo on 7/27/1970
Brown, Howard R.20697/15/1950Navigator
Bliss, John H. "Jack"26227/19/1950Pilot
Larsen, Morten A. "Mort"41537/22/1950Navigator
Bledsoe, James L.39737/24/1950PilotOriginal FTLRPA Secretary (1974)
Thompson, Starr K.39747/24/1950Pilot
Bayne, Howard V.41028/4/1950Pilot
Murray, John D.40127/21/1950PilotCaptain who survived ditching of Constellation (FTL 923) in Atlantic enroute from Gander to Frankfurt on 9/23/1962
Sanders, Donald E.40797/25/1950Pilot
Taylor, Gene K.11558/7/1950PilotBob Taylor's father
Canaday, Malcom E. "Mac"41008/4/1950Pilot
Powers, James J.42828/8/1950Pilot
Luccio, Larry F. "Dad"42818/11/1950PilotGary R. Luccio's father
Paul, Willard M.30108/9/1950Navigator
Myers, Harry C.43098/10/1950Navigator
Mitchell, Thomas M.42028/14/1950PilotWith Hughes on Connie crash and survived (FTL 7816) at ADAK on 3/15/1962.
Hickman, Ernest A.43488/15/1950Navigator
Lowe, Edmund A.43308/28/1950Pilot
Hughes, Morgan W.43248/26/1950PilotCaptain on Connie crash and survived (FTL 7816) at ADAK on 3/15/1962.
Conrath, Robert. A.42758/24/1950PilotOriginal FTLRPA Treasurer (1974)
Cotton, Thomas W.43318/28/1950Pilot
Smith, Noah E.41928/28/1950Navigator
Smith, Oakley M.44459/9/1950Pilot
Morrow, G. Frank43518/25/1950Pilot
Hamby, Robert S.44038/30/1950Pilot
Foster, M. Ray44759/1/1950Pilot
Bellows, Charles E.6619/5/1950Navigator
Shelton, Gillman L. "Gil"44309/8/1950Pilot
Hoey, William R.45209/19/1950Pilot
Brandenburg, Ellsworth44539/12/1950Pilot
Hopkins, Donald K. "DK"44579/12/1950Pilot
Martin, Jack L. 45699/30/1950Pilot
Salamon, Jack45309/20/1950Pilot
Ewald, John P. "Johnny"45319/20/1950Pilot
Mitchell, Ralph F. 459410/10/1950Pilot
Amrhein, Howard F. 462510/4/1950Pilot
Wastman, Vernon L.463010/9/1950Pilot
Rader, Karl C.445210/6/1950PilotCaptain on fatal crash of a Constellation (FTL 183) on approach to Burbank from Chicago on 12/14/1962.
Smith, Melvin S.445210/6/1950Pilot
Snyder, Wayne P.466810/19/1950Pilot
Loane, Ernest W. "Buzz"469110/9/1950PilotOriginal AVG and one of ten original investors
Pocius, Clarence F. "Dick"468810/10/1950Pilot
Olson, Roy H. "Curly" or "Ole"463410/10/1950Pilot
Reed, Ed D. "Pete"236910/12/1950PilotCaptain on fatal crash of Constellation (FTL 914) into terrain outside of Alamosa on 12/15/1965
Clark, Henry W.464510/13/1950Navigator
Gehrett, Rodney T.467010/19/1950Pilot
Bassett, M. S.318010/21/1950Navigator
Raine, Robert J. "Catfish"221710/27/1950PilotOriginal AVG and one of ten original investors
Zalusky, Robert F. "Skee"250211/15/1950Pilot
Felczak, Joseph P.418911/16/1950Pilot
Richard, Jabez A. "Jay"481912/4/1950PilotCaptain on fatal crash of Constellation (FTL 282) on departure from SFO to JFK on 12/24/1964.
Cullen, James L.385512/5/1950Pilot
Petrick, Richard P. 482812/5/1950Pilot
Libra, Rudolph J. "Rudy"487712/14/1950PilotCopilot on fatal crash of Constellation on approach to Tachikawa, Japan from Wake Island on 9/9/1958 .
Chambers, Andrew A. "Andy"446612/18/1950Pilot
Lamping, John P.483712/22/1950Pilot
White, John T.495912/20/1950PilotMike White's father
Hassig, Donald K.50031/8/1951Pilot
Rinne, Clarence F. "Pete"51441/11/1951Pilot
Foley, Robert E.26171/18/1951PilotF/O on fatal crash of DC8 (FTL 45) on short approach to Naha, Okinawa from Tokyo on 7/27/1970
Hampton, Stancil J. "Stan"37481/19/1951Pilot
Otey, FrankUnknown1/19/1951PilotDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1952 Tigereview
Wish, Robert J.51101/25/1951PilotOne of two Copilots on mysterious and fatal disappearance of Constellation (FTL 7815) over water on MATS passenger flight from Guam to Saigon on March 15, 1962
Bowles, Carey E.52722/6/1951Pilot
Dalby, JimUnknown2/6/1951Pilot
Griffin, Robert W.52202/12/1951Navigator
Sharp, Carl R.53852/13/1951Navigator
Phillips, Harry B.52842/16/1951Navigator
Potter, EdUnknown2/16/1951NavigatorDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1952 Tigereview
Huntington, H. "Pappy"Unknown2/16/1951NavigatorDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1952 Tigereview
Silver, Alvin L.28322/19/1951Pilot
Cole, R.Unknown2/19/1951PilotDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1952 Tigereview
Bartlett, RexUnknown2/23/1951PilotDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1952 Tigereview
Cunningham, MereleUnknown2/23/1951PilotDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1952 Tigereview
Blanck, Robert L.53482/23/1951Pilot
Prentiss, Carlos G. "Carl"44762/28/1951Pilot
Newcomer, John H.24453/22/1951Pilot
Peake, Wayne W.57055/25/1951Pilot
Cason, Lewis H. "Lou"56475/31/1951Pilot
Prevost, Orville A.56215/31/1951Pilot
Bredon, Arnett D. "Arnie"56235/31/1951Pilot
Thomsen, T. E.56245/31/1951Pilot
Adams, R. N.56296/1/1951Pilot
Urnezis, John P.56636/8/1951Pilot
Watkins, Harold P. "HP"56856/11/1951Pilot
Baxter, L. E. "Pete"56506/11/1951Pilot
Howell, Millard J. "John"56536/12/1951Pilot
Tripp, Rex L.56546/12/1951Pilot
Mays, Lavern H. "Vern"56566/12/1951Pilot
Towner, William H.57036/13/1951Pilot
Heller, Harvey E.57046/14/1951Pilot
Adams, A. J.56656/15/1951Pilot
Taggart, Richard A.56746/18/1951Pilot
Brondum, Tage P. "Ted" 56986/18/1951Pilot
Tarry, Jack R. "Terrible"57486/21/1951Pilot
Bentley, Richard L.29236/23/1951Pilot
Talkington, J. R.57957/13/1951Pilot
Wilson, Richard G. "Dick"57937/16/1951Pilot
Kratz, R. B.58017/17/1951Pilot
Piche, Frank J.58317/24/1951Pilot
Perry, Paul W.58407/26/1951Pilot
Nucci, S. P.58437/30/1951Pilot
Merrel, B. M.Unknown8/1/1951PilotCo-pilot on fatal crash of DC-4 (FTL 841) on approach to Boeing Field (KBFI) from SFO on 1/7/1953. DOH estimated
Lowe, Wayne58558/1/1951PilotJumpseating Co-pilot on fatal crash of DC-4 (FTL 841) on approach to Boeing Field (KBFI) from SFO on 1/7/1953
Whiteman, C. H.59948/2/1951Pilot
Vachon, John D. "Dave"58628/6/1951Pilot
Towne, Gerald L.59038/14/1951Pilot
Whitney, Lawrence59328/17/1951Pilot
Devereaux, Mark59318/17/1951Pilot
Bassett, Richard F.59108/17/1951Pilot
Reichl, John G.59338/21/1951Navigator
Brown, D. R.60248/22/1951Pilot
Krueger, A. L.59388/24/1951Pilot
Baker, L. C.59608/30/1951Pilot
Moffett, C. A.59748/31/1951Pilot
Rector, Arvel C. "Al"60089/7/1951Pilot
Kurilla, Thomas631911/21/1951Navigator
Clough, RobertUnknown12/1/1951Radio OpDOH estimated. Mentioned in Jan 1951 Tigereviews
Waldo, Arthur H. "Buck"655812/4/1951Pilot
Whitney, C. O.640612/5/1951Pilot
Gunderson, E. N.648912/13/1951Pilot
Gin, Warren F.Unknown12/20/1951PilotCopilot killed in the ditching of a DC-4 (FTL 7413) from Honolulu to Wake Island on 9/25/1955.
Stevenson, R. R. "Dick"Unknonwn12/20/1951PilotDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1952 Tigereview
Clarke, T. T.Unknown12/20/1951PilotDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1952 Tigereview
Bormet, G. J.656112/20/1951Pilot
Russell, Ray S.58691/4/1952Pilot
Seamans, William H.66641/4/1952Pilot
Merlo, Joe A.68842/19/1952Pilot
Rush, Dan O.69112/21/1952Pilot
Bair, W.69292/28/1952Pilot
Long, Elgen M.16561/6/1948Radio OpChecked out as a Navigator in August 1950. Upgraded and hired as pilot on 3/6/1952 and retired as a Captain.
Kimball, R.Unknown2/28/1952Radio OpDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1952 Tigereview
Campbell, H.Unknown2/28/1952Radio OpDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1952 Tigereview
Tew, W. L.70393/10/1952Pilot
June, Barber O.70383/10/1952PilotPreviously flew for SWA in 1951
Howland, J. L.57983/14/1952Pilot
Fisher, H. W.71874/10/1952Pilot
Thompson, R. S.72936/17/1952Pilot
Corey R. E.73126/24/1952Pilot
Wibben, John J. "Jack"73186/27/1952Pilot
Peters, A. H.73196/27/1952Pilot
Wilson, DonUnknown7/1/1952PilotDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1952 Tigereview
Paquette, Arthur R.73457/3/1952Pilot
Casey, Gerald J.55808/21/1952Pilot
Brumfield, Millard F. "Curly"74829/4/1952Pilot
Berry, M. C.781811/18/1952Pilot
Lowry, Earle L.787812/4/1952Pilot
Rodriguez, Russell J.797912/13/1952Pilot
Ford, W. A.794912/15/1952Pilot
Gazzaway, B. J. "Robbie"79981/7/1953PilotOne of two Copilots on mysterious and fatal disappearance of Constellation (FTL 7815) over water on MATS passenger flight from Guam to Saigon on March 15, 1962
Buttner, W. W.82612/3/1953Pilot
Barclay, Tom42464/23/1953PilotKilled in Lodestar on 3/22/1958 while moonlighting as a co-pilot. Also killed in the crash was Elizabeth Taylor's husband, Mike Todd
Blackwell, Sterling E. "Inky"82954/28/1953Pilot
Shadowens, Lamont W. "Shad"82984/29/1953PilotShad Jr's father
Hansen, C. N.83115/5/1953Pilot
Biddle, J. S.83855/26/1953Pilot
McCoy, W. G.84446/10/1953Pilot
Robbins, A. B.84566/11/1953Pilot
Trammel, B. W.85046/23/1953Pilot
Nicolai, F. M.85947/14/1953Pilot
Auiler, C. E.85957/15/1953Pilot
Riemer, George D.39348/21/1953Pilot
Danielson, W. L. "Danny"Unknown3/1/1954NavigatorDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1954 TigerReview
Gold, Phillip B.4623/16/1954F/EEmployed in 1947, probably as a mechanic
Cerniway, Calvin H. "Hal"17753/16/1954F/E
Soltwedel, Art. O.412011/8/1954F/E
Penland, George F.1000612/27/1954F/E
Menk, Theodore A. "Ted"100571/24/1955F/EUpgraded to Captain
Mobley, Alfred D.17622/14/1955F/E
Gaudino, Joseph35592/14/1955F/EUpgraded to Captain
Zopfi, Robert A.100992/21/1955F/E
Hammer, C. F. "Chuck"101363/11/1955F/E
Whitesides, C. Wayne102434/11/1955Pilot
Bax, Robert L.102474/13/1955Pilot
Smith, T. G.102444/15/1955Pilot
Squire, William W.102354/15/1955Pilot
Smith, F. C.102334/15/1955Pilot
Whitehouse, A. L.41394/15/1955Pilot
Craig, M.102464/16/1955Pilot
Sullivan, Thomas E.102494/18/1955Pilot
Hennessy, Daniel W.102674/19/1955PilotCopilot on fatal crash of Constellation (FTL 282) on departure from SFO to JFK on 12/24/1964.
Kelleman, LaVern Alfred102634/19/1955PilotLast Name may be spelled Kellerman
Halpin, Francis W. "Frank"102614/20/1955PilotCap on fatal crash of B747 (FTL 66) into terrain on approach to KUL from SIN on 2/18/1989
Gerhard, R. M.102684/20/1955Pilot
Farrell, Thomas W.102694/20/1955Pilot
Lawler, H. E.42944/25/1955Pilot
Hightower, Robert C.102994/28/1955PilotCopilot who survived the ditching of a DC-4 (FTL 7413) from Honolulu to Wake Island on 9/25/1955
Dove, Perry T.103055/2/1955Pilot
Crowley, Paul H.60455/2/1955Pilot
Cowan, W. P.103085/3/1955Pilot
Jachwak, Larry103075/3/1955F/E
Maxey, Richard W.103265/11/1955F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Dean, Richard A.103896/8/1955F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Orth, John H. "Rocky"103936/9/1955F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Sahaydak, Walter103926/9/1955F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Maiuro, Anthony J. "Tony"104426/20/1955F/E
Risk, Russell E.105366/21/1955F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
McLain, Roy G.106158/2/1955F/E
Lewis, Morton W. "Marty"107078/31/1955F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Femmenio, Joseph F.107159/3/1955F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Brooks, John107669/3/1955F/E
Keefer, Richard M. "Dick"107169/6/1955PilotRich Keefer's father
Gilbert, Robert O.107389/8/1955Pilot
Van Handel, DonUnknown10/1/1955PilotDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1956 TigerReview
McClain, R.106158/2/1955F/E
Strassle, Arthur L.1086410/14/1955F/E
Gholden, Carol V.1086710/17/1955F/E
McAlister, Guy G.1087710/18/1955F/E
Gibbins, Derrel T. "Gibby"112302/25/1956F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Dorman, Douglas40983/30/1956F/EUpgraded to pilot and retired as an F/O
Parsons, Wilfred D. "Willy"47406/4/1956F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Chauvin, Anatole J. "Frenchie"78366/4/1956F/E
Ellsworth, Melvin W.29306/4/1956F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Cohen, Seymour "Sy"39558/23/1956Navigator
Swan, Robert W.115838/31/1956Navigator
Warner, EmoryUnknown8/31/1956NavigatorDOH estimated. Mentioned in Sept 1956 TigerReview
Bryant, RickyUnknown9/1/1956PilotDOH estimated. Mentioned in Sept 1956 TigerReview
Grago, John C.939/6/1956F/EEmployed in 1947, probably as a mechanic
DeLazerda, Joseph L.118479/17/1956F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Singer, Don118559/19/1956F/E
Moore, Lloyd J.45779/23/1956F/EF/E on fatal crash of CL-44 while on GCA approach to Da Nang from Tachikawa in dense fog on 12/24/66.
Tripp, Leroy C.85649/23/1956F/EUpgraded to pilot and retired as an F/O
Steiner, Curtiss R. 6429/24/1956F/E
Greentree, William R.118769/28/1956F/EWilliam J. Greentree's father
Rushton, Edward J.46119/29/1956F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Colton, Harold W. "Hal"1187910/1/1956F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Balfour, Douglas K.358110/27/1956F/EUpgraded and retired as an F/O
Huckins, Harry. G.1189610/29/1956Navigator
Iadonisi, Mennen J.589410/30/1956F/E
Olson, Eugene D. 1181311/2/1956F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Penton, Ronald1199211/5/1956F/EUpgraded to CAP, but backbid to F/E after turning 60 and was S/O on fatal crash of B747 (FTL 66) into terrain on approach to KUL from SIN on 2/18/1989
Waring, R. C.1199111/7/1956Navigator
Lopez, Alfonso R. "Al"1201211/10/1956F/EGuy Lopez's father. Upgraded and retired as Captain
Ognan, Frederick J.1204411/16/1956F/E
Smith, Ralph E.1204211/17/1956F/E
Norian, Gerald G.1067811/25/1956F/E
Vanover, William H.592411/25/1956F/E
Entz, Paul M.937911/26/1956F/EF/E on fatal crash of Constellation (FTL 282) on departure from SFO to JFK on 12/24/1964.
Elliott, R. Ray1201812/3/1956F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Boyd, Kenneth J.1201712/3/1956F/EUpgraded to pilot and retired as an F/O
George, William A.1201412/4/1956F/EF/E on fatal crash of DC8 (FTL 45) on short approach to Naha, Okinawa from Tokyo on 7/27/1970. Survived crash but drowned in cockpit due to rising tide.
Claunch, C.1212312/11/1956Pilot
Seymour, James S.1210212/6/1956Pilot
Kocisko, George A.1210412/6/1956Pilot
Bellenbaum, R.1212612/11/1956Pilot
Keenan, John T.1210512/6/1956Pilot
King, Dennis E.1201312/8/1956F/EGave up position as an F/E, was rehired as a pilot on 4/1/1965, and retired as a Captain.
Rolfe, R. A.788112/11/1956Pilot
Navarre, L.1210712/11/1956Pilot
Kemp, B.1211612/11/1956Pilot
Clemmenson, C.1211712/11/1956Pilot
Martin, S.1212412/11/1956Pilot
Neuschwander, E.1211912/11/1956Pilot
Murray, Jerome K. "JK"1211812/11/1956Pilot
Korn, L.1212512/11/1956Pilot
Bixler, Robert L.1212712/11/1956Pilot
Calton, J. H. "Joe"1215012/15/1956F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Nau, George M.Unknown12/15/1956F/EOne of two Flight Engineers on mysterious and fatal disappearance of Constellation (FTL 7815) over water on MATS passenger flight from Guam to Saigon on March 15, 1962
Vindeni, Russell E.1215112/15/1956F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Sarcone, Anthony V.1218312/19/1956Navigator
Griffis, Paul S.1201512/26/1956F/E
McCormick, B.337712/26/1956F/E
Palamar, Bernard J.Unknown12/26/1956F/EF/E on fatal crash of Constellation on approach to Tachikawa from Wake Island on 9/9/1958. DOH is estimated
Lowe, Robert C.Unknown12/26/1956NavNavigator on fatal crash of Constellation on approach to Tachikawa from Wake Island on 9/9/1958. DOH is estimated.
Goodwyn, Carey E.1221312/28/1956Navigator
Grey, Jack W.1203512/29/1956F/EF/E on fatal crash of a Constellation (FTL 183) on approach to Burbank from Chicago on 12/14/1962.
Shay, R.122321/8/1957Navigator
Newman, John R.122551/14/1957Navigator
Ransom, J. Ford123372/14/1957Navigator
Nicholson, Sam T.123783/20/1957NavigatorNavigator who survived ditching of Constellation (FTL 923) in Atlantic enroute from Gander to Frankfurt on 9/23/1962
Goodman, JohnUnknown4/1/1957NavigatorDOH estimated. Mentioned in 1958 Tigereview
Ristaino, John123983/28/1957F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain.
Sanders, Jim A.64794/1/1957Pilot
Wilkins, William W. "Willy"121524/1/1957F/E
Saltrese, David A.121534/1/1957F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Herbert, Edward J.124274/2/1957F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Cooley, Thomas W. "Spade"121694/8/1957F/E
Mollman, Reinard P. "Moe"52914/8/1957F/E
Germain, Henry P. "Hank"61694/8/1957F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Talley, F125024/11/1957Pilot
Clark, S.124404/11/1957Pilot
Masters, J.124414/11/1957Pilot
Martin, C.124394/11/1957Pilot
Pare, P.125084/15/1957Pilot
Deline, C.124434/11/1957Pilot
Casselman, L.124454/11/1957Pilot
Aguilar, D.124474/11/1957Pilot
McMullen, R.124444/11/1957Pilot
Phelan, W.124494/11/1957Pilot
Shelburne, D.124484/11/1957Pilot
Grider, R.124464/11/1957PilotNo relation to Tom T.
Grider, Tom T.124674/11/1957PilotTim Grider's uncle
Melin, H.124504/11/1957Pilot
Roberts, P.124514/11/1957Pilot
Szczerba, W.125354/15/1957Pilot
Frampton, A. J.125094/11/1957Pilot
Lewis, J. F.124814/11/1957Pilot
Sanders, R.82474/15/1957Pilot
Silvestri, L.124904/15/1957Pilot
Pare, P.125084/15/1957Pilot
Wachter, R. C.125104/15/1957Pilot
Rakisits, P.124854/15/1957Pilot
Golding, R.125044/15/1957Pilot
Mulcahy, George D.151214/4/1960F/E
Rice, Ernest B.151234/4/1960F/E
McClellan, Clayton E.Unknown4/4/1960F/EOne of two Flight Engineers on mysterious and fatal disappearance of Constellation (FTL 739) over water on MATS passenger flight from Guam to Saigon on March 15, 1962
Rovegno, Joseph J.151274/4/1960F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Gorham, Arnold E. "Art"151284/4/1960F/E
Swan, Jack C.1546110/31/1960F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Conrad, Kenneth H.140006/1/1961F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Kray, Jack156466/23/1961F/E
Frew, Dale G.105596/24/1961F/E
Sazegar, Frank156506/27/1961F/E
Metcalf, Dwight J.156487/11/1961F/EChet Metcalf's father. Upgraded and retired as Captain
Brunton, William R.156537/13/1961F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Dukich, William156497/18/1961F/EUpgraded to pilot and retired as First Officer
Passero, J.158178/7/1961F/E
Hopcus, Raymond F.1255312/8/1961F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Therian, Frank R.158678/24/1961F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Kleen, Merle E.158658/24/1961F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Johnstone, J. M.Unknown9/1/1961F/EF/E trapped in aircraft and only crewmember killed during crash of Constellation (FTL 7816) on approach to ADAK from Cold Bay on 3/14/1962. DOH estimated.
Griffith, Charles E. "Chuck"159529/18/1961Pilot
Gewehr, George A.
159519/18/1961PilotDid not return after recall but was subsequently rehired 4/16/1965 More info...
Crapo, David L.159499/18/1961PilotCo-pilot on fatal crash of a Constellation (FTL 183) on approach to Burbank from Chicago on 12/14/1962.
Briggs, Dan E.159479/18/1961Pilot
Link, L. A.159559/18/1961Pilot
Tucker, D. M.159379/18/1961Pilot
Johnson, Jack W.159539/18/1961Pilot
Lee, R. D.159449/18/1961Pilot
Wanger, B.159589/18/1961Pilot
Chapman, D.159489/18/1961Pilot
Linner, D. J.1586810/1/1961F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
McCarville, D. D.1587410/1/1961F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Skelly, William N.1597910/7/1961Navigator
Brophy, James J.1591310/9/1961Navigator
Knesek, L. D.1591110/11/1961F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Guttman, H.1587010/16/1961F/EWith Hughes on Connie crash and survived (FTL 7816) at ADAK on 3/15/1962. Left FTL when recalled by NW
Petrie, Gene L.158738/24/1961F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Clark, C. I.1587110/16/1961F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Johnson, J. W.1586110/24/1961F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Briest, D. R.1587210/24/1961F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Harrington, F. L.1585911/1/1961F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Aitkins, R. L.1585711/1/1961F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Millman, C. E.1586211/3/1961F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Westmoreland, C. E.1585811/6/1961F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Ports, Merrill O. "Mel"1240311/15/1961F/E
Cork, Daniel C.1586911/17/1961F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Poindexter, Robert H.1585111/17/1961F/EMark Poindexter's father. Upgraded and retired as Captain
Hansen, Richard A.1596412/16/1961Navigator
Green, Michael E.Unknown1/1/1962NavWith Hughes on Connie crash and survived (FTL 7816) at ADAK on 3/15/1962. DOH is estimated
Drusch, KennethUnknown1/1/1962NavWith Hughes on Connie crash and survived (FTL 7816) at ADAK on 3/15/1962. DOH is estimated
Garrett, JamesUnknown1/1/1962F/EFlight Engineer killed during ditching of Constellation (FTL 923) in Atlantic enroute from Gander to Frankfurt on 9/23/1962. DOH is estimated
Gutman, HenryUnknown1/1/1962F/EWith Hughes on Connie crash and survived (FTL 7816) at ADAK on 3/15/1962. DOH is estimated
Kennedy, William T.Unknown2/13/1962NavigatorOne of two Navigators on mysterious and fatal disappearance of Constellation (FTL 7815) over water on MATS passenger flight from Guam to Saigon on March 15, 1962. DOH is estimated
Burt, Grady R.Unknown2/14/1962NavigatorOne of two Navigators on mysterious and fatal disappearance of Constellation (FTL 7815) over water on MATS passenger flight from Guam to Saigon on March 15, 1962. DOH is estimated
Burgwald, Gaylord H. "Burgie"162673/1/1962Pilot
Krout, K. Karl162723/1/1962Pilot
McKenzie, William E.162733/1/1962Pilot
Hall, Ronald J.162703/1/1962Pilot
O’Hara, Byron G. "BG"162753/1/1962Pilot
Parker, Robert W.162773/1/1962PilotCopilot killed during ditching of Constellation (FTL 923) in Atlantic enroute from Gander to Frankfurt on 9/23/1962
Wilson, Dave L.162823/1/1962Pilot
Hardesty, Jerry L.162433/1/1962Pilot
Oranski, A. S.162763/1/1962Pilot
Colette, Thomas J.162683/1/1962Pilot
Kajenski, Walter J.162713/1/1962Pilot
Rickman, Howell G. "Rick"162793/1/1962PilotDid not return after recall but was subsequently rehired 3/1/1965
Sullivan, G. F.162833/1/1962Pilot
Richman, Allen B.162783/1/1962Pilot
Thurman, Jack E.162803/1/1962Pilot
Watson, Don L.162813/1/1962Pilot
Slavitt, Leon163484/8/1962Navigator
Kingham, Ted J.163494/8/1962Navigator
Clark, JimUnknown4/10/1962NavigatorDOH estimated
Behrle, Joseph C.163764/23/1962Navigator
Lowery, Leon J.165375/21/1962F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Way, Ronald O.165395/21/1962F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Fredericksen, E. Thomas165325/21/1962F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Block, Donald B.165305/21/1962F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Grundmann, Manfred H.165355/21/1962F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Dileo, Daniel A.165315/21/1962F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Freitas, James F.165335/21/1962F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Bowers, Bradley D.161045/21/1962F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
Grah, Jack V.165345/21/1962F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Newman, I. Victor "Vic"165385/21/1962F/EUpgraded to pilot and retired as First Officer
Barben, Paul A.165295/21/1962F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Grau, Peter163755/21/1962F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Temple, Charlie S.165665/22/1962F/ELeft FTL when recalled by NW
Nelson, R. A.167687/2/1962Pilot
Proctor, Gerald M. "Gerry"167417/2/1962Pilot
Trauth, D. C.167427/2/1962Pilot
Lawbaugh, William A.167387/2/1962Pilot
Claessens, Anthony H. "Tony"167347/2/1962Pilot
Gajewski, J. C. 167357/2/1962Pilot
Lord, William E.167407/2/1962Pilot
Horwitz, Paul R.167377/2/1962Pilot
Carangi, R. L.167337/2/1962Pilot
LeFever, Larry R.167397/2/1962Pilot
Rudolph, F. G.168327/30/1962Pilot
Renda, Leonard A. "Lenny"168337/30/1962Pilot
Huber, C. E.168347/30/1962Pilot
Riggs, Donald E.168397/30/1962PilotDon Riggs, Jr.'s father
Unguary, R. J.168357/30/1962Pilot
Barg, P.168367/30/1962Pilot
Preftes, Christe I. "Chris"168377/30/1962Pilot
Goodhart, D.168387/30/1962Pilot
Deleuw, Robert R.162248/1/1962Navigator
Thorne, R. H.168388/13/1962Pilot
Lee, Ronald D.168998/13/1962Pilot
Dixon, C.169008/13/1962Pilot
Jeck, R.169028/13/1962Pilot
Gregory, R. W.169038/13/1962Pilot
Durante, J. 169058/13/1962Pilot
Sidney, Spencer E.81246/29/1964F/E
Ferris, Brian M.Unknown4/1/1965F/EF/E on fatal crash of Constellation (FTL 914) into terrain outside of Alamosa on 12/15/1965. DOH is estimated
Laudemann, Robert M.191804/5/1965Pilot
Lane, I. Gale191784/5/1965Pilot
Bray, Talford F. "Lee"191774/5/1965Pilot
Esler, Brian D.191814/5/1965Pilot
Hill, Richard L.191794/5/1965Pilot
Holderman, Calvin L. "Cal"191824/6/1965Pilot
Wofford, Fred D.191834/6/1965Pilot
Sequeira, John L.191844/6/1965Pilot
Baird, Robert L.191864/7/1965PilotMore info...
Brown, Eugene E.191854/7/1965Pilot
Theobald, James P.191904/8/1965Pilot
Goodman, Mallard S.191934/12/1965Pilot
Lynch, Frederick E.171214/12/1965Pilot
Benedict, Ned E. 191964/12/1965Pilot
Adalian, George H.191944/12/1965Pilot
Popp, William A.192004/14/1965Pilot
Sweeley, Michael W.191994/14/1965Pilot
Brown, Albert E.192014/15/1965Pilot
Goduti, Richard L.192024/15/1965Pilot
Hunt, Thomas D.168484/19/1965PilotF/O on fatal crash of Constellation (FTL 914) into terrain outside of Alamosa on 12/15/1965
Bolduan, F. E.164214/19/1965Navigator
Jennings, Richard A. "Buck"192174/21/1965F/EUpgraded and retired as Captain
La Forge, Alfred L.191364/21/1965Navigator
Dziubala, John F. "Dizzy"192224/22/1965Flight CrewFirst to be hired as a flight crewmember with upgrade expectations.
Peralta, Peter P. 191424/23/1965Navigator
Johnson, J. D. "JD"193615/6/1965Flight Crew
Tucker, Tom193505/18/1965Pilot
Duff, Garry L.193495/18/1965Pilot
Clutter, Robert E.193475/18/1965Pilot
Small, Dwight L.193525/19/1965Pilot
Presley, John E.193555/21/1965Pilot
Mathews, J. D.193545/21/1965Pilot
Nezgoda, James A.193565/24/1965Pilot
Freedell, Theodore M. "Ted"192256/8/1965Flight Crew
Kirby, J. H.192276/9/1965Flight Crew
Chase, Howard M.193648/6/1965Flight Crew
Beatty, Kenneth H.195588/6/1965Flight Crew
Best, Henry G.195598/6/1965Flight Crew
Schonig, Harry H.195618/6/1965Flight Crew
Allison, Arnold B.195628/6/1965Flight Crew
Rhodes, Forrest G.195608/6/1965Flight Crew
Johnson, Robert I.196638/6/1965Flight Crew
Riches, William E.196668/6/1965Flight Crew
McCune, Wilson B. "Bill"196658/6/1965Flight Crew
Harbin, William G.196618/6/1965Flight Crew
Day, Thomas196608/6/1965Flight Crew
Scott, Thomas C.196678/6/1965Flight CrewMore info...
Lenz, Gerald H.196648/6/1965Flight Crew
Tune, C.G.Unknown8/6/1965NavigatorNavigator on fatal crash of CL-44 on GCA approach to Da Nang (VVDN) from Tachikawa (RJTC) in dense fog on 12/24/66. DOH estimated
Jackson, Michael R.196628/6/1965PilotCopilot on fatal crash of CL-44 on GCA approach to Da Nang (VVDN) from Tachikawa (RJTC) in dense fog on 12/24/66 .
Ballard, Jack D.195578/20/1965Flight Crew
Morris, Manuel A. "Manny"195689/1/1965Flight Crew
Raefield, Howard R.195699/1/1965Flight Crew
Partridge, Larry D.196539/10/1965Flight Crew
Constable, Thomas E.197509/27/1965Flight CrewBill Constable's uncle
Burson, Ronald L.197489/27/1965Flight Crew
Cawthorne, David G.197499/27/1965Flight Crew
Saunders, Robert D.197549/27/1965Flight Crew
Smith, Wayne L. "Red"197559/27/1965Flight Crew
Patterson, Paul G. "Pat"197529/27/1965Flight Crew
McDevitt, David K.197519/27/1965Flight Crew
Belanger, Ernest E. "Ernie"197479/27/1965Flight Crew
Tobin, Robert J.197569/27/1965Flight Crew
Turner, Dennis R.197579/27/1965Flight Crew
Johnson, Kenneth G.1956711/2/1965Flight Crew
Stebel, John W.1957011/4/1965Flight Crew
Swan, Dave W.1994011/8/1965Flight Crew
Manley, Bernard G. "Barny"1994811/8/1965Flight Crew
Morris, John R.1994911/8/1965Flight Crew
Ellis, R. A. "Terry"1994711/8/1965Flight Crew
Eggen, Loren J. "Doc"1965411/9/1965Flight Crew
Hatfield, Jim J.1965511/12/1965Flight Crew
Hess, John1956512/17/1965Flight Crew
Meyer, Leonard D. "Lenny"1965612/17/1965Flight Crew
Ragsdale, John L. "Rags"1965812/17/1965Flight Crew
Taylor, A. Albert "Al"201151/3/1966Flight Crew
Cumiford, Charles L. "Chuck"201211/3/1966Flight Crew
Crawford, Richard L.201221/3/1966Flight Crew
Chrisman, Clark M.201271/3/1966Flight Crew
Bouja, Nicholas J. "Nick"201231/3/1966Flight Crew
Montgomery, James E.201311/3/1966Flight Crew
Prescott, James E.201301/3/1966Flight Crew
Gordon, Robert E.201201/3/1966Flight Crew
Prichard, Armstead M. "Pete"201181/3/1966Flight Crew
Culver, Charles C. "Chuck"192211/3/1966Flight Crew
Chaney, C. William201261/3/1966Flight Crew
Pendley, Rory G.201171/3/1966Flight Crew
Howe, Michael D.201191/3/1966Flight Crew
Christian, Frank T.201281/3/1966Flight Crew
Brandt, Morgan T.201241/3/1966Flight Crew
Marvin, D. P. "Danny"123712/1/1966Navigator
Murphy, Mark C.202982/17/1966Navigator
Cleary, John M.204013/1/1966Flight Crew
Oswald, Bruce W.204053/1/1966Flight Crew
Boydstun, Barney J.203983/1/1966Flight Crew
Okicich, Peter A.204043/1/1966Flight Crew
Swanson, Gordon L. "Gordy"204073/1/1966Flight Crew
Mayfield, William C.204033/1/1966Flight CrewMore info...
McGreal, F. James203993/1/1966Flight Crew
Buckner, David E.204003/1/1966Flight Crew
Pusey, Solomon J. "Sol"203973/1/1966Flight Crew
Moldrem, Leverne J. "Vern"114974/4/1966Flight Crew
Jarvis, Ralph T.205764/4/1966Flight Crew
Patterson, Randall E. "Randy"205754/4/1966Flight Crew
Elliott, Wayne S.205794/4/1966Flight Crew
Grant, Alvin P. "Al"205774/4/1966Flight Crew
Carey, James P.205814/4/1966Flight Crew
Snow, Eugene J. "Gene"205684/4/1966Flight Crew
Andrews, Richard L.205824/4/1966Flight Crew
Chase, Lawrence T.205804/4/1966Flight Crew
Ewing, Harold H. "Hal"205784/4/1966Flight Crew
Viera, Onelio "Onie"201354/19/1966Flight Crew
Smith, Ronald A.206844/25/1966Flight Crew
Padden, W. E.206894/25/1966Flight Crew
Skaggs, Douglas H.206854/25/1966Flight Crew
Loevenich, K. G.206914/25/1966Flight Crew
Baldwin, James M.206884/25/1966Flight Crew
Emmons, E. W.206924/25/1966Flight Crew
Franzone John S.206874/25/1966Flight Crew
Shields, John E.206944/25/1966Flight Crew
Stearns, Gary G.206864/25/1966Flight Crew
Lenarcic, J. J.206335/11/1966Navigator
Carr, Jack A.206785/11/1966Navigator
Iverson, Robert A.201345/12/1966Flight Crew
Jorgensen, Stanley R.206465/14/1966Navigator
Westcott, Charles R. "Chuck"192455/27/1966Flight Crew
Williams, Kenneth A.206346/1/1966Navigator
Tyler, Richard L.205716/16/1966Flight Crew
Gohm, James C.205736/17/1966Flight Crew
Heaphy, William T.192266/21/1966Flight Crew
Stolting, Arthur A.206936/26/1966Flight CrewKen Stolting's father
Knoeppel, F. J.209766/27/1966Flight Crew
Alexander, Dale O.209726/27/1966Flight Crew
Avey, Alfred A.209746/27/1966Flight Crew
Fasbender, Frederick W. "Freddy"209756/27/1966Flight CrewFurloughed and hired by SWA on 4/28/1969. Remained with SWA and was reintegrated as an FTL pilot in the FTL/SWA merger in 1981.
Seamans, R. H.209786/27/1966Flight Crew
Peterson, C. Frederick209776/27/1966Flight CrewNathan Peterson's father
Angiel, Pierre F.209736/27/1966Flight Crew
McComas, Don177496/27/1966Flight Crew
Vinson, James H. "Jimmy"209796/27/1966Flight Crew
Howell, Charles R.207386/29/1966Navigator
Martin, Gene R.204097/7/1966Flight Crew
Roberts, Walter. M.207617/13/1966NavigatorNavigator on fatal crash of DC8 (FTL 45) on short approach to Naha, Okinawa from Tokyo on 7/27/1970. Survived crash but drowned in aircraft due to rising tide.
Maxwell, A. R. "Al"207697/14/1966Flight Crew
Barrow, Larry D.207707/14/1966Flight Crew
Bell, John R.205707/15/1966Flight Crew
Daniels, Kenneth R.206827/18/1966Flight Crew
Johnson, Joseph H.208487/29/1966Navigator
Kroon, James R.205698/1/1966Flight Crew
McCulloch, J. Robert205728/4/1966Flight Crew
Lamb, Ray A.201918/15/1966Flight Crew
Wight, J. Garrett214688/22/1966Flight Crew
Benelli, James A.214518/22/1966Flight Crew
Rayner, George M.214588/22/1966Flight Crew
Schweigert, Weldon W.214598/22/1966Flight Crew
Hawkins, Howard L.214568/22/1966Flight Crew
Crutcher, Kenneth D.214538/22/1966Flight Crew
Ciganko, John A.165608/22/1966Flight CrewOriginally hired as a Navigator sometime prior to 1964.
Borchard, Glen R.214638/22/1966Flight Crew
Venable, Gary D.214618/22/1966Flight CrewLast name later changed to Dill
Happ, Douglas E.214558/22/1966Flight CrewMore info...
Simpson, R. Scott "Scotty"214608/22/1966Flight Crew
Drake, Lawrence C.214548/22/1966Flight Crew
Johnsen, Michael P.214578/22/1966Flight Crew
Vance, Arthur S.206838/25/1966Flight Crew
Wynters, Gaylord A.207018/25/1966Flight Crew
Hauser, Phillip W.208999/9/1966Navigator
Christy, Dale E.205639/15/1966Flight Crew
Del Nero, Arthur D.209819/23/1966Flight Crew
Seideman, Jeffrey L.2146711/9/1966Flight Crew
Binikos, John A.2146211/15/1966Flight Crew
Ellery, William E.2146511/17/1966Flight Crew
Griffith, Marvin J. "Marv"2098211/21/1966Flight Crew
Bowen, Edmund L.2205911/28/1966Flight Crew
Henrichs, John R.2206111/28/1966Flight Crew
Cotting, Jay G.2146412/1/1966Flight Crew
Hengehold, James C.214661/9/1967Flight Crew
Madison, James M.220652/2/1967Flight Crew
Kuhn, John S.220662/2/1967Flight Crew
Levrett, James R.220622/21/1967Flight Crew
Romanos, Louis F. "Lou"220633/7/1967Flight Crew
Brenner, Joseph J.225924/10/1967Flight CrewMore info...
Antonsen, A.225894/10/1967Flight Crew
Winterberg, James E.225964/10/1967Flight Crew
Bell, R. F.225914/10/1967Flight Crew
Middel, Richard A. "Rick"225944/10/1967Flight CrewMore info...
Bates, Henry J. "Hank"225904/10/1967Flight Crew
Sullivan, J. H.225954/10/1967Flight Crew
Hause, George W.226635/17/1967Navigator
Paul, Phillip I.228366/19/1967Flight Crew
Guy, Arthur C.228326/19/1967Flight Crew
Rebscher, H. Paul178316/19/1967Flight Crew
Dodd, Arthur E.228296/19/1967Flight Crew
Nightingale, R. W.228356/19/1967Flight Crew
Combs, Thomas F.228276/19/1967Flight Crew
Phiel, Thomas C.228376/19/1967Flight Crew
Gonzalez, Henry W.228316/19/1967Flight Crew
Tjosaas, Willard S. "Will"228406/19/1967Flight Crew
Rimmer, George L.228396/19/1967Flight Crew
Edwards, W. R.228306/19/1967Flight Crew
Hunt, Tom F.228346/19/1967Flight Crew
Hall, Archibald W. "Archie"228336/19/1967Flight CrewMore info...
Cumin, Roger A. 228286/19/1967Flight Crew
Robinson, R. John "Jack"230528/28/1967Flight CrewF/O on fatal crash of B747 (FTL 66) into terrain on approach to KUL from SIN on 2/18/1989
Lindberg, Robert R.230508/28/1967Flight Crew
Duncan, Robert O.230578/28/1967Flight Crew
DeRier, John163878/28/1967Flight Crew
Foreman, D. G.230498/28/1967Flight Crew
Regina, Angelo J. "Angie"230568/28/1967Flight Crew
Ferguson, Frederick S.230548/28/1967Flight Crew
Stickler, Robert 230538/28/1967Flight Crew
Harder, Howard L. "Howie"230558/28/1967Flight Crew
Michel, John H.230518/28/1967Flight CrewMore info...
Gunderson, B. Lee230588/28/1967Flight Crew
King, J. E.232317/1/1968Flight Crew
Freeman, Maynard D.169357/29/1968Flight Crew
Gibson, Robert A. 243707/29/1968Flight Crew
Ryan, George P.243647/29/1968Flight Crew
Wilmot, Michael E.243697/29/1968Flight Crew
Clayton, F. L.243677/29/1968Flight Crew
Grigg, H. A.243717/29/1968Flight Crew
Sensabaugh, Brent J.226867/29/1968Flight Crew
Boller, S. E.243657/29/1968Flight Crew
Ruhs, J. T.243667/29/1968Flight Crew
Harris, W. Erik243617/29/1968Flight Crew
Ermert, Eric A.226197/29/1968Flight CrewTerry Ermert's twin brother
Pacini, Joseph A.204657/29/1968Flight Crew
Prentice, Jay W.243637/29/1968Flight Crew
Dever, J. W. "Corky"243687/29/1968Flight Crew
Kessler, K. R.243627/29/1968Flight Crew
Hooker, David E.159144/4/1960NavigatorUpgraded to pilot with a different emp #15914 and a hire date of 11/28/1966. DOH as Nav estimated based on employee number. Retired as a Captain
Loughran, Edmund X.206485/11/1966NavigatorRetired as Captain. Became a Brig General in USAF. Pilot DOH is 8/28/1967 NAV DOH is based on emp number.
Harjehausen, Denton D. "Denny"164254/20/1965NavigatorResigned as a Navigator, took the severance package and used for training to hire as a pilot with same emp# and a date of 11/28/1966. Retired as a Captain. DOH estimated based on emp number.
Churchman, LeeUnknown5/1/1967NavigatorBecame FTL's INS Instructor after Nav phaseout
Lehr, Kenneth A.256378/25/1969NavigatorVery short career before INS eliminated need for Navs
Jadick, Joseph162346/23/1970NavigatorVery short career before INS eliminated need for Navs
Bodenhamer, J. R.265756/23/1970NavigatorVery short career before INS eliminated need for Navs
Vannaman, R. L.265736/24/1970NavigatorVery short career before INS eliminated need for Navs
DeCamp, Daniel265816/24/1970NavigatorVery short career before INS eliminated need for Navs
Schultz, Charles H.265776/25/1970NavigatorVery short career before INS eliminated need for Navs
Smullen, Robert A.265766/26/1970NavigatorVery short career before INS eliminated need for Navs
Welschmeyer, Joseph E.119196/26/1970NavigatorVery short career before INS eliminated need for Navs
Becali, Enrique265796/27/1970NavigatorVery short career before INS eliminated need for Navs
Hoenninger, J. C.265806/28/1970NavigatorVery short career before INS eliminated need for Navs
Kerr, William265746/29/1970NavigatorVery short career before INS eliminated need for Navs
Solway, Michael D.279108/9/1971Flight Crew
Drake, John R.279078/9/1971Flight Crew
Ermert, Terry L.279098/9/1971Flight CrewEric Ermert's twin brother
Tarr, David D.279088/9/1971Flight Crew
Brenot, Paul G.257758/9/1971Flight Crew
Dewey, John L.279048/9/1971Flight Crew
Taylor, Robert G.279058/9/1971Flight CrewGene Taylor's son
White, J. Michael279068/9/1971Flight CrewJohn White's son
Barnwell, M. J. "Jay"279128/9/1971Flight CrewDave Barnwell's brother
Hill, Jon K.279588/30/1971Flight Crew
Cox, Kenneth F.279618/30/1971Flight Crew
Demirdjian, Jean-Claude279558/30/1971Flight Crew
Weaver, Gary R.279638/30/1971Flight Crew
Morris, David A.279548/30/1971Flight Crew
Smith, William P. "WP"271008/30/1971Flight Crew
Henrikson, Michael E. "Turk"279578/30/1971Flight Crew
Dovener, Joseph J.279568/30/1971Flight Crew
Pierchala, Thomas E.279598/30/1971Flight Crew
Szymaniak, Bernard "Barney"279608/30/1971Flight Crew
Weiss, Pail S.290298/28/1972Flight Crew
Barber, D. Michael290208/28/1972Flight Crew
Cutting, Kip A.289838/28/1972Flight Crew
Handley, Michael C.290308/28/1972Flight Crew
Campbell, Franklin D.290218/28/1972Flight Crew
Eaton, Bradley P.290268/28/1972Flight Crew
Voges, Ronald E. 290278/28/1972Flight Crew
Tharp, Ernest A.290258/28/1972Flight CrewBob Tharp's son
Arenstein, Randall R.289868/28/1972Flight Crew
Goldsmith, Skip E. 290288/28/1972Flight CrewJohn P. "Goldy" Goldsmith's son. Last name later changed to Maison
Booth, James R.297764/2/1973Flight Crew
Austin, William A.297754/2/1973Flight Crew
Beck, George R.297774/2/1973Flight Crew
Erickson, David J. "Eric"297924/2/1973Flight Crew
Drury, Richard S. "Rick"297874/2/1973Flight Crew
Masluk, Richard "Rich"297914/2/1973Flight Crew
Reiter, Alan B. 297824/2/1973Flight Crew
Helbig, William A. "Biggie"297864/2/1973Flight Crew
Maguire, Frank C.297794/2/1973Flight Crew
Phillips, Paul E.297904/2/1973Flight Crew
Rignel, Raymond R.297784/2/1973Flight Crew
Johnson, Leslie E. "Les"297744/2/1973Flight Crew
Lurtz, William O. 297854/2/1973Flight Crew
More, James R.297894/2/1973Flight Crew
Szigeti, Oscar297834/2/1973Flight CrewJon and David Szigeti's brother
Campbell, Con B.297844/2/1973Flight Crew
Falde, Randy R.297804/2/1973Flight Crew
Slavick, Dennis M.297814/2/1973Flight Crew
Nordberg, Thomas R.297734/2/1973Flight Crew
Wilson, James S.298894/30/1973Flight Crew
Strang, Robert S.298724/30/1973Flight Crew
VanVeen, Richard C. "Rich"298794/30/1973Flight Crew
Younkin, Derek L.298744/30/1973Flight Crew
Linden, Michael C298914/30/1973Flight Crew
Call, Ralph L.298774/30/1973Flight Crew
Reid, William F.298874/30/1973Flight Crew
Morris, Mac G.298754/30/1973Flight Crew
Skinner, John T.298804/30/1973Flight Crew
Priest, Don G.298734/30/1973Flight Crew
McKenzie, Ray M.298844/30/1973Flight Crew
Ciszek, Kennneth C.298824/30/1973Flight Crew
Weeks, Lawrence K.298904/30/1973Flight Crew
Camp, James R.298834/30/1973Flight Crew
Beltz, Russell C.298784/30/1973Flight Crew
Gattis, Richard W. "Rick"298864/30/1973Flight Crew
Samford, Alan G.298854/30/1973Flight Crew
Handsaker, James E.302117/16/1973Flight Crew
Rasmussen, John O.302137/16/1973Flight Crew
Ross, Ronald D.302157/16/1973Flight Crew
Harrington, D. Carter302147/16/1973Flight Crew
Uchman, Allan E.302127/16/1973Flight Crew
Portela, J. M.302107/16/1973Flight Crew
Cutler, S. Scott313126/3/1974Flight Crew
Fuerth, J. Michael313136/3/1974Flight Crew
Bonnville, Lawrence R.313096/3/1974Flight Crew
Norton, John N.313166/3/1974Flight Crew
Fisher, Jerald R. "Jerry"313146/3/1974Flight Crew
Tymczyszyn, John S. "Tym"313116/3/1974Flight CrewBob Tymczyszyn's brother
MacGibbon, Richard D. "Rick"313156/3/1974Flight Crew
Nieth, Kenneth E.313706/24/1974Flight Crew
Lewis, Trevor R.313716/24/1974Flight Crew
Lee, John B.313616/24/1974Flight Crew
McKeon, John J.313696/24/1974Flight Crew
O'Connor, Thomas J.313626/24/1974Flight Crew
Evans, Albert L.313656/24/1974Flight Crew
Gallogly, William F.313646/24/1974Flight Crew
Kibby, Norman L.313636/24/1974Flight Crew
McCaverty, William M.3204012/1/1976Flight Crew
Douroux, Robert W.3316412/1/1976Flight Crew
Caruso, David V.3315612/1/1976Flight Crew
Vazquez, Angel L.3315512/1/1976Flight Crew
Todd, Kerry M.3316312/1/1976Flight Crew
Shrader, L. C.3315412/1/1976Flight Crew
Eck, William A.3315712/1/1976Flight Crew
Jones, Phillip A.3316212/1/1976Flight Crew
O'Neill, Norah E. 3316112/1/1976Flight CrewFirst female pilot hired
Rothstein, Richard A.3316012/1/1976Flight Crew
Cotton, Gregory T.3315312/1/1976Flight Crew
Churlonis, Ray A.3315912/1/1976Flight Crew
Bailey, James W.3315212/1/1976Flight Crew
Courant, James W.3315112/1/1976Flight Crew
Hebert, William N.3315012/1/1976Flight Crew
Flanagin, Dennis M.3315812/1/1976Flight CrewArthur Flanagin's son
Webster, Colin J.332051/17/1977Flight Crew
Adams, Roger P.332041/17/1977Flight Crew
Luccio, Gary R.331981/17/1977Flight CrewLarry Luccio's son
Straw, James W.332001/17/1977Flight Crew
Krosse, Jeffrey G.332061/17/1977Flight Crew
Frake, Eugene P. "Gene"332011/17/1977Flight Crew
Dennis, Edward P.332071/17/1977Flight Crew
Peterson, Richard C.260982/14/1977Flight Crew
Witts, Thomas L.332352/14/1977Flight Crew
Lee, John B.307722/14/1977Flight Crew
Shadowens, Lamont W. "Shad Jr."332322/14/1977Flight Crew"Shad Sr.'s" son
Bartesiewicz, J. C.303132/14/1977Flight Crew
Miller, Charles G.332312/14/1977Flight Crew
Goldsmith, John P. Jr.332332/14/1977Flight CrewJohn P. "Goldy" Goldsmith's son.
Metcalf, Chet R.332362/14/1977Flight CrewDwight Metcalf's son
Larson, Erik J.332372/14/1977Flight Crew
Dill, Daniel W.332653/14/1977Flight CrewJohn Dill's brother
Allen, W. Harrison332613/14/1977Flight Crew
Cozad, Charles E. "Chuck"332633/14/1977Flight Crew
Ableidinger, Bryan R.332603/14/1977Flight Crew
Chambers, Charles E. "Chuck"332623/14/1977Flight Crew
Deddens, R. Michael332643/14/1977Flight Crew
Stuffings, Jeffrey F.332673/14/1977Flight Crew
O'Connor, Michael J. "Mick"332663/14/1977Flight Crew
Thomas, Lary J.198901/3/1978Flight Crew
Taft, D. A.328001/3/1978Flight Crew
Dwyer, Richard P. "Rich"339241/3/1978Flight Crew
Rooney, Michael R.339261/3/1978Flight Crew
Velazquez, Ramon L.339291/3/1978Flight Crew
Sees, George332401/3/1978Flight Crew
Coppola, Michael A.274021/3/1978Flight Crew
Dillon, Karen I.275961/3/1978Flight Crew
Borda, Thomas J.339231/3/1978Flight Crew
Rustemeyer, Thomas W.339271/3/1978Flight Crew
Stolting, Kenneth A.339281/3/1978Flight CrewArt Stolting's son
Franklin, Kenneth P.339251/3/1978Flight Crew
Loikits, George E.339861/23/1978Flight Crew
Frazier, L. Kenneth339251/23/1978Flight Crew
Donnelly, Sandra D. 339821/23/1978Flight CrewFirst female Captain
Szigeti, Jon F.339891/23/1978Flight CrewOscar and David Szigeti's brother
Schukantz, Gerard W. "Gary"339871/23/1978Flight Crew
Shulman, Eliot M.339881/23/1978Flight Crew
Dancaster, John R. "Rich"339811/23/1978Flight Crew
Goslovich, Pauline M.340422/13/1978Flight Crew
Davis, Lowell L.340412/13/1978Flight Crew
Wolfe, Dean340482/13/1978Flight Crew
Bracht, Keith A.340402/13/1978Flight Crew
Almlie, James K.340392/13/1978Flight Crew
Grella, Ralph A.340432/13/1978Flight Crew
Kingston, Richard L. "Rick"340442/13/1978Flight Crew
McCulloch, Kurt D.340452/13/1978Flight Crew
Szigeti, David J.340462/13/1978Flight CrewJon and Oscar Szigeti's brother
Johann, Michael D.341523/6/1978Flight Crew
Patel, Ramon P.341583/6/1978Flight Crew
Vail, Samuel D.341623/6/1978Flight Crew
Layher, Robert F.341563/6/1978Flight Crew
Flemons, Michael F. 341493/6/1978Flight Crew
Colon, Arthur A.341453/6/1978Flight Crew
Dennis, Kenneth E.341543/6/1978Flight Crew
Curtin, John S.341463/6/1978Flight Crew
Smith, John L.341603/6/1978Flight Crew
Johnson, Timothy C.341533/6/1978Flight Crew
Kramer, Kevin J. "Bear"341553/6/1978Flight Crew
Wheeler, Dennis A.341633/6/1978Flight Crew
Hamilton, Allen L.341503/6/1978Flight Crew
Hargrave, Dale W.341513/6/1978Flight Crew
Corona, Robert A.341443/6/1978Flight Crew
Stolkin, John D.341613/6/1978Flight Crew
Filice, Jeffrey M.341483/6/1978Flight Crew
Osborne, Joel T.341573/6/1978Flight Crew
Pena, Christopher K.341593/6/1978Flight Crew
DeLaurentis, Delbert L. "Del"341473/6/1978Flight Crew
Cassel, Paul E.295823/20/1978Flight Crew
Susi, Robert M.343523/27/1978Flight Crew
Ellestad, Larry A.343423/27/1978Flight Crew
Montmorency, John343483/27/1978Flight Crew
Lane, Robert X.343973/27/1978Flight Crew
Frenzel, John D. "Skip"343433/27/1978Flight Crew
Miller, R. George343473/27/1978Flight Crew
Toon, Steven J.343533/27/1978Flight Crew
Packard, Archie L. "Al"343493/27/1978Flight Crew
Sillamin, Richard C343513/27/1978Flight Crew
Charbonneau, Thomas C.343383/27/1978Flight Crew
Burritt, Mark L.343363/27/1978Flight Crew
Angotti, Frankie L.343353/27/1978Flight Crew
Colon, Felix M.343393/27/1978Flight Crew
Dill, John C.343413/27/1978Flight CrewDan Dill's brother
Gallardo, Charles D.343443/27/1978Flight Crew
Chadbourne, Daniel I.343373/27/1978Flight Crew
Leonard, Craig A.343453/27/1978Flight Crew
Colyar, James R.343403/27/1978Flight Crew
Lopez, Guy S.343463/27/1978Flight CrewAl Lopez's son
Santiago, Luis D.343503/27/1978Flight Crew
Mergele, Scott E.312554/16/1978Flight Crew
DeLeuw, Daniel R.229044/17/1978Flight Crew
Rogers, Charles W.345394/17/1978Flight Crew
Thomas, Howard E.345424/17/1978Flight Crew
Sachau, Kurt F.345404/17/1978Flight Crew
DeRego, Charles A. "Tuna"345314/17/1978Flight Crew
Alfred, J. Timothy345244/17/1978Flight Crew
Mick, Arlyn S.345384/17/1978Flight Crew
Madsen, Terry345374/17/1978Flight Crew
Bollrud, Lawrence C.345254/17/1978Flight Crew
Brown, John R.345274/17/1978Flight Crew
Hill, Lonnie R.345364/17/1978Flight Crew
Healy, Michael C.345354/17/1978Flight Crew
Gormly, William H.345334/17/1978Flight Crew
Briggs, Robert B.345264/17/1978Flight Crew
Aslesen, Kay E.345234/17/1978Flight Crew
Clarke, Terry A.345284/17/1978Flight Crew
Geisler, Duncan G.345324/17/1978Flight Crew
Springer, Larry E.345414/17/1978Flight Crew
Merkley, Richard E.346645/8/1978Flight Crew
Seitz, Timothy J.346715/8/1978Flight Crew
Ruhl, Edwin W.346695/8/1978Flight Crew
Gronewald, Kenneth R.346615/8/1978Flight Crew
Mooney, Timothy346665/8/1978Flight Crew
Gagliano, Stephen V.346605/8/1978Flight Crew
Woodall, Allen G.346745/8/1978Flight Crew
Johnston, Edward R.346625/8/1978Flight Crew
DeHertogh, Ronald M.346585/8/1978Flight Crew
Turner, J. Michael346725/8/1978Flight Crew
Rawlinson, Kennard L. "Ken"346675/8/1978Flight Crew
Bohannon, Gary V.346565/8/1978Flight Crew
Rustigian, Dennis G.346705/8/1978Flight Crew
Bachner, Don346555/8/1978Flight Crew
Fordem, Richard P. "Rick"346595/8/1978Flight Crew
Zahner, Paul G.346755/8/1978Flight Crew
O'Connell, John E.346655/8/1978Flight Crew
Tymczyszyn, Robert S.346735/8/1978Flight CrewJohn Tymczyszyn's brother
Combs, P. Doug346575/8/1978Flight Crew
Major, R. Gary346635/8/1978Flight Crew
Rice, D. L.346685/8/1978Flight Crew
Beard, Albert I. "Cub"347765/30/1978Flight Crew
Wright, Gil C.347785/30/1978Flight Crew
Montalbano, Jim347865/30/1978Flight Crew
Akel, David S.347755/30/1978Flight Crew
Short, Lawrence J.347875/30/1978Flight Crew
Harrigan, James M.347815/30/1978Flight Crew
MacNeil, Richard G.347845/30/1978Flight Crew
Lindgren, Mark E.347835/30/1978Flight Crew
Harvey, William C. "WC"347805/30/1978Flight Crew
Cesarz, Denis D.347775/30/1978Flight Crew
DePauw, Danny D.347795/30/1978Flight Crew
Mandler, George G.347855/30/1978Flight Crew
Cole, Donald W.347785/30/1978Flight Crew
Schroeder, David L.347825/31/1978Flight Crew
Patterson, Robert R.350647/10/1978Flight Crew
Redditt, Richard W. "Rich"350677/10/1978Flight Crew
Otten, Herbert J. "Herb"350707/10/1978Flight Crew
Freed, Rodney W.350767/10/1978Flight Crew
Hostvedt, David P.350667/10/1978Flight Crew
Bernick, John W. "Jack"350797/10/1978Flight Crew
Engelhardt, John L.350717/10/1978Flight Crew
Knight, Kenneth R.350837/10/1978Flight Crew
Haggerty, John J. "Jack"350687/10/1978Flight Crew
Wilson, Daniel J.350747/10/1978Flight Crew
McClurkin, Fred E.350737/10/1978Flight Crew
Hamby, Robert S.350727/10/1978Flight Crew
Niolet, Andre E.350697/10/1978Flight Crew
Poli, Anthony P. "Tony"350807/10/1978Flight CrewAboard fatal midair collison of PSA 182 while returning home from IOE on 9/25/1978
Freeman, Stephen K.350777/10/1978Flight Crew
Holmes, Steven H.350827/10/1978Flight Crew
Gilmore, David C.350787/10/1978Flight Crew
McCarthy, Dennis V.350817/10/1978Flight Crew
Paine, Thomas C.350657/10/1978Flight Crew
Andrade, Stephen M.350757/10/1978Flight Crew
Lebschi, Frederick F.283037/31/1978Flight Crew
Crecca, Joseph352477/31/1978Flight CrewFormer Vietnam POW for 6+ years
Bologna, Robert R.352447/31/1978Flight Crew
Smith, Frank B.352587/31/1978Flight Crew
Bledsoe, Craig V.352427/31/1978Flight Crew
Johnson, Harry W.352527/31/1978Flight Crew
Broome, Michael C.352457/31/1978Flight Crew
Bloor, Allan E.352437/31/1978Flight Crew
Hyde, Brian E.352517/31/1978Flight Crew
Martin, Stephen C.352557/31/1978Flight Crew
Albritton, Charles R. "Chuck"352417/31/1978Flight Crew
Fry, Steven G.352507/31/1978Flight Crew
Johnson, Joey J.352537/31/1978Flight Crew
Coyle, James G.352467/31/1978Flight Crew
Eckert, Stephen C.352497/31/1978Flight Crew
Warneke, Jeffrey A.352597/31/1978Flight Crew
Dickson, John F.352487/31/1978Flight CrewMore info...
Boutlilier, Mark A.354328/1/1978Flight Crew
Schulz, Thomas A.354349/4/1978Flight Crew
Schmitt, Robert L.354339/4/1978Flight Crew
White, EdwinW.354369/4/1978Flight Crew
Lehman, Jay R.292749/4/1978Flight Crew
Allen, Larry D.354309/4/1978Flight Crew
Symons, William J.354359/4/1978Flight Crew
Willner, Ross S.354379/4/1978Flight Crew
Carpenter, Daniel A.354319/4/1978Flight Crew
Luyendyk, Howard G. "Chip"356139/25/1978Flight Crew
Murrow, John K.356169/25/1978Flight Crew
Yonak, Kenneth W.356159/25/1978Flight Crew
Duncan, Robert S.356129/25/1978Flight Crew
Brown, William E.356179/25/1978Flight Crew
Davis, Robert M.356119/25/1978Flight Crew
Trager, Steven C.356199/25/1978Flight Crew
Snyder, Robert C.356209/25/1978Flight Crew
Graves, Michael S.356109/25/1978Flight Crew
Lober, Steven356149/25/1978Flight Crew
Felton, Douglas C.3582410/23/1978Flight Crew
Sheldon, Dana K.3582910/23/1978Flight Crew
Leonard, Gary L.3583010/23/1978Flight Crew
Gershzohm, Gary R.3582310/23/1978Flight Crew
Constable, William H. "Bill"3582810/23/1978Flight CrewTom Constable's nephew
Wake, Robert E.3582510/23/1978Flight Crew
Drennan, William C.3582710/23/1978Flight Crew
Littrell, Matthew L.3582610/23/1978Flight Crew
Thomas, Robert M. 3588310/30/1978Flight Crew
Hader, Alvin E.3591611/6/1978Flight Crew
Campbell, Richard K. "Rick"3594011/13/1978Flight Crew
Bernard Gilbert C.3596011/20/1978Flight Crew
Miles, Terrence M. "Terry"3596511/20/1978Flight Crew
McConnell, Rodney E.3596411/20/1978Flight Crew
Turley, Ty P.3596611/20/1978Flight Crew
Davis, Sandra A.3596211/20/1978Flight Crew
Beaulieu, Dennis J.3596311/20/1978Flight Crew
Wicks, Anthony J.3596711/20/1978Flight Crew
Arcamuzi, Michael E.3596111/20/1978Flight Crew
Dworak, Edward H.3227412/15/1978Flight Crew
Harvey, Raymond F.3604312/18/1978Flight Crew
Unsworth, Colin E.3604612/18/1978Flight Crew
Ganzkow, Barbara R.3190012/18/1978Flight Crew
Grider, Timothy R.3604212/18/1978Flight CrewTom Grider's nephew
Lane, Wayne M.3604412/18/1978Flight Crew
Brendel, James G.3604012/18/1978Flight Crew
Totty, Shan3604512/18/1978Flight Crew
Beatty, John C.361331/22/1979Flight Crew
Tobin, J. Larry361401/22/1979Flight Crew
Lloyd, Stephen B.361381/22/1979Flight Crew
Jacobs, Roger P.361361/22/1979Flight Crew
Jones, David B.361371/22/1979Flight Crew
Stenger, D. James361391/22/1979Flight Crew
Gilbert, Raymon "Hugh"361351/22/1979Flight Crew
Beck, Mark S.361341/22/1979Flight Crew
Hendry, Stephen M.362372/19/1979Flight Crew
Rounce, Ronald W.362412/19/1979Flight Crew
Cullinane, Edward M.362342/19/1979Flight Crew
Bresee, Allan R.362332/19/1979Flight Crew
Hegarty, Lawrence A.362362/19/1979Flight Crew
Spiewak, James P.285842/19/1979Flight Crew
Holter, Kurt E.362382/19/1979Flight Crew
McKittrick, Scott C.362402/19/1979Flight Crew
Duzanica, James I.362352/19/1979Flight Crew
Lancaster, Mark A.362392/19/1979Flight Crew
Hill, John C.362394/16/1979Flight Crew
Allen, Chris L.363804/16/1979Flight Crew
Lewis, Leigh W.363814/16/1979Flight Crew
Cropp, Dennis G.363774/16/1979Flight Crew
Young, Kirby C.363834/16/1979Flight Crew
Gibson, Scott R.363794/16/1979Flight Crew
Runik, Dann J.363824/16/1979Flight Crew
Evans, Ronald F.363784/16/1979Flight Crew
Cairnes, George W.364715/14/1979Flight Crew
Huens, Richard C.364715/14/1979Flight Crew
Fuller, Thomas R.364695/14/1979Flight Crew
Nowlen, Bernard C.364615/14/1979Flight Crew
Edwards, John C.364675/14/1979Flight Crew
Cover, Craig H.364665/14/1979Flight Crew
Sewall, Gary S.364735/14/1979Flight Crew
Freeman, Robert M. "Rodeo"364705/14/1979Flight Crew
Thompson, Randall C.364635/14/1979Flight Crew
Klingler, Lawrence R.364755/14/1979Flight Crew
Witter, David M.364425/14/1979Flight Crew
Roemich, John H.364625/14/1979Flight Crew
Morganroth, Michael G.364655/14/1979Flight Crew
Fisher, Robert L.364725/14/1979Flight Crew
Kuethen, Edward C.364745/14/1979Flight Crew
Richards, James H.365846/11/1979Flight Crew
Dose, Curtis R.365776/11/1979Flight Crew
Niven, William L.365826/11/1979Flight Crew
Fox, David J.365796/11/1979Flight Crew
Brandsberg, Steven R.365736/11/1979Flight Crew
Cuiccio, Ronald P.365766/11/1979Flight Crew
MacGarvey, Ronald E.365816/11/1979Flight Crew
Stout, Terry P. "T"365876/11/1979Flight Crew
Wright, Lee A. "Skip"365886/11/1979Flight Crew
Silkebaken, Dennis F.365856/11/1979Flight Crew
Burt, Maurice L. "Morey"365756/11/1979Flight Crew
LaComette, Ted W.365806/11/1979Flight Crew
Nooney, Michael V.365836/11/1979Flight Crew
Forbes, J. Jay365786/11/1979Flight Crew
Buch, John L.365746/11/1979Flight Crew
Squires, Stuart L.365866/11/1979Flight Crew
Doty, James F.366487/9/1979Flight Crew
Wilderson, Jack L.366557/9/1979Flight Crew
Henry, Edward M.366527/9/1979Flight Crew
Silvernail, James D.366537/9/1979Flight Crew
Beaudo, Marcel R. "Frenchy"366467/9/1979Flight Crew
Alonso, Charles A. "Chuck"366447/9/1979Flight Crew
Aneskavich, Robert R.366457/9/1979Flight Crew
Eckstein, Kenneth A.366497/9/1979Flight Crew
Viviano, June M.366547/9/1979Flight Crew
Formento, John J.366507/9/1979Flight Crew
Hall, John C.366517/9/1979Flight Crew
Cotter, Rex 366477/9/1979Flight Crew
Blinn, Donald700193/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/24/1950
Hirschberg, Carlyle R. "Carl"700203/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 6/13/1950
Dorman, Raymond D.700333/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/30/1950
Poole, Raymond J.700343/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 6/7/1950
Sattler, Mark N.700373/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/16/1950
Neumann, Robert F.700393/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/29/1950
Pickerel, Joseph F.700403/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 12/14/1950
Straley, Robert B.700453/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/18/1951
Webb, John C. "Jack"700463/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/11/1951
Henry, Robert S.700563/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/6/1952
McMakin, William W.700583/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 7/1/1952
Livingston, Robert L.700693/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 6/29/1953
Nadler, Lawrence C.700713/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/7/1955
Mathis, James B.700723/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/8/1955
Battern, Ivan L. "Ike"700733/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/10/1955
Morreale, John V.700753/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/17/1955
Tosolini, Joseph D.700763/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/17/1955
Callinan, Jay E. "Buzz"700773/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/21/1955
Van Treuen, Roy700783/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/22/1955
Dodds, William G.700793/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/22/1955
Hamm, Richard F.700843/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 4/15/1955
Solomon, Peter700863/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/9/1955
Cutcomb, Donald G.700873/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/23/1955
Bovers, William H.700883/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 6/25/1955
Kafka, Stephen J.700893/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 7/5/1955
Weber, Robert E. "PX"700903/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 7/5/1955
Kirn, Robert G.700933/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/1/1955
Stauning, Herbert G.701003/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/1/1956
McAllister, Robert J.701013/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/7/1956
Clarke, Charles R. "Chuck"701053/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/11/1956
Kaehn, Richard H.701063/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/17/1956
Jorgenson, Walter T.703013/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on [unknown]
Jacobs, Arthur C.701133/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/19/1956
Forero, George A.703033/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on [unknown]
Higley, Boyd C.703053/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on [unknown]
Wojciechowski, Michael H.703063/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 6/30/1948
Callanan, William A.703073/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on [unknown]
Volkman, Arthur W. "Will"703083/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on [unknown]
Marshall, Joseph J.703093/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on [unknown]
Pugh, Jack F.703103/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on [unknown]
Ferrara, Harold M. "Tippy"703113/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on [unknown]
McGrail, John J.701243/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 4/15/1958
Bilotta, John G.701113/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 4/15/1958
Deschenes, Peter J.703133/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 10/28/1954
Jennings, James J. "Jay"701233/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 4/15/1958
Acree, Edward M.703163/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 3/21/1955
Finn, Jack703173/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 3/2/1955
Pozzoli, Alfred "Pozy"703183/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 3/9/1955
Alford, Darius M. "Dary"701503/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/7/1958
Neuenhaus, William F.703193/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 3/23/1955
Gasselle, Eugene703213/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 3/14/1955
Kenney, John P.703223/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 3/14/1955
Sund, George L.703233/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 4/28/1955
Boroughf, Roy J. "Rocky"701103/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/12/1958
Tomasky, Philip P.701153/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/16/1958
Foster, Edwin M.701223/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 6/23/1958
Pohronezny, Nicholas703203/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 6/20/1956
Hettenbaugh, Richard J.701123/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 7/5/1961
Halls, Kenneth "Salty"703293/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 7/25/1956
LeBedis, Stanley T.701213/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/1/1965
John, Arthur W.701203/17/1981SWA PilotPhil John's father. Hired by Seaboard on 5/3/1965
Powell, Rayford703313/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 8/1/1956
Hays, Marvin W. 703323/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 8/16/1956
Prichard, Robert703333/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 10/1/1956
McNamara, Arthur W.703343/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 12/17/1956
Gray, Raymond703353/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 12/17/1956
Heller, Alan703363/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 12/17/1956
Seidner, Bernard G.703373/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 12/17/1956
Johnson, Benjamin C.703383/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 12/17/1956
Seymour, Walter J.703393/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 1/14/1957
Paiva, Joseph G.703403/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 1/14/1957
Locke, John W.703413/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 1/14/1957
Hart, David703423/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 1/14/1957
O'Donnell, Robert E.703433/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 1/14/1957
Van Doren, Arthur703443/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 1/21/1957
Jacoban, George703453/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 4/11/1958
Thorp, Fred E.703503/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 4/13/1959
Maxwell, Donald L.703533/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 5/11/1959
Koutras, Arthur P.703543/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 6/8/1959
Bentzlin, Bertil "Bert"703553/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 10/19/1964
Wohn, George A.703573/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 10/19/1964
Hamilton, George703583/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 10/19/1964
Jordon, J. Paul701173/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/3/1965
Perfette, R. Paul703653/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 5/3/1965
Oskamp, Richard703643/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 5/3/1965
Dicanio, Samuel703723/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 5/25/1965
Baker, Allan R.703673/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 5/25/1965
Thomas, James C.703683/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 5/25/1965
Visnick, Arnold M. "Arnie"701143/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/3/1965 and Harold Visnick's brother
Hyatt, William A.701163/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/3/1965
Bond, William C.701183/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/3/1965
Webber, Ralph O.701273/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 7/12/1965
Schwanky, Richard E.701263/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 7/12/1965
Higginbotham, Samuel L.701293/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 7/26/1965
Foley, Patrick J.701373/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 7/30/1965
Sroka, Harry J.701383/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/12/1965
Blackman, Fred A.703753/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 6/19/1966
Samuelson, Leroy W. "Sam"703733/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 6/19/1966
Lehman, Gerhardt E. "Gerry"703743/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 6/19/1966
Restivo, Joseph703763/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 9/12/1966
Vicknair, Raymond703793/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 9/12/1966
Bemis, Harold M. "Hal"701473/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/2/1965
Sullivan, Laurence F.701493/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 6/20/1966
Weldon, William R.701343/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 6/20/1966
Bouvier, W. Edward701453/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 6/20/1966
Pagley, Gene701543/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/12/1966
Mayfield, George F.701513/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/12/1966
Haynes, James703803/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 9/12/1966
Leiss, Hilary H.701583/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/12/1966
Boleware, Dudley W.701533/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/12/1966
Mankowski, David A.701523/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/12/1966
Neuenhaus, Arthur F.701593/17/1981SWA PilotHired as an F/E by Seaboard on 5/24/1965
Tramantano, Nicholas701603/17/1981SWA PilotHired as an F/E by Seaboard on 5/24/1965
Lawrence, William C.703823/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 3/27/1967
Moore, James A.701613/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/27/1966
Campbell, John F.701633/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/27/1967
McCarthy, Harry S.701643/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/27/1967
Cellecz, Paul R.701673/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/27/1967
Treger, Henry H. "Hank"701683/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/27/1967
Albers, Stephen M.701693/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/27/1967
Gentry, Warren R.701703/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/27/1967
Dibbell, Kenneth703833/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 3/27/1967
Cardinali, Edward W.701713/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/27/1967
Kahn, Kenneth J.701743/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 6/12/1967. More info...
Snyder, Frederick M.701753/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 6/12/1968
Reinke, Thomas L.701773/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 4/22/1968
Porsche, Karl H.701793/17/1981SWA PilotHired as an F/E by Seaboard on 5/3/1968
Dexter, Lincoln A. "Linc"701803/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/6/1968
Sharp, Roderick C. "RC"701833/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/6/1968
Bochkay, Richard J.703843/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 3/27/1967
Hobson, Wendell L.701843/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/6/1968
Tesar, Thomas P.701853/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/6/1968
Guariglia, Edward J.703863/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 3/27/1967
Rose, William C.703883/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 3/27/1967
Furlong, Louis R. "Lou"701873/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 5/6/1968
Chapman, Kenneth F.703893/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 5/18/1968
Ciorciari, Dominic S.703903/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 5/18/1968
Greene, Charles C.701883/17/1981SWA PilotHired as an F/E by Seaboard on 8/23/1968
Hoolihan, Daniel P.701893/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Clark, Thomas C.701903/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Christofferson, Ernest A.701913/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Koch, George F.701923/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Devine, Matthew W.701933/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Hill, David O.701943/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Grant, James M.701953/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Ketcher, Neal F.701963/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
King, Donald R.701983/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968 and Joe King's brother
Levenson, Lee T.701993/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Mlinar, Paul W., Jr.702003/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968. His father, Paul Mlinar, Sr. was the first pilot on the SWA seniority list and operated their first revenue flight.
Rusinowitz, Jerome H. "Jerry"703913/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Gordon, Keith J.703923/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Sunderman, Richard E.703933/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Tiburzi, Allan R.702013/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Holmes, Herbert H.702033/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/16/1968
Hugelmeyer, Neville D.702043/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/16/1968
Kressel, Alvin702053/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/16/1968
Crowley, John J.703943/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Miller, Richard J.702073/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/16/1968
Smoltz, Joseph R.702093/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/16/1969
Molho, Ramon A.702103/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/16/1970
Moore, Richard S.702113/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/16/1971
Snidow, John J.702123/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/16/1972
Von Urff, Noel H.702143/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/24/1969
Baehr, Norman H.703953/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Van Berkum, Jan703983/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 8/26/1968
Clark, Kenneth R.703993/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 9/16/1968
Gibson, Robert A.702153/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/24/1969
Smock, Leon E.702163/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/24/1969
Fasbender, Frederick W. "Freddy"702213/17/1981SWA PilotOriginally hired by FTL on 6/27/1966. After being furloughed he was hired by SWA on 4/28/1969. He declined the subsequent recall by FTL and was reintegrated back in as an FTL pilot through the FTL/SWA merger.
Dilbeck, Reed704003/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 9/16/1968
Gaiser, Ernest W.702243/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 4/28/1969
Bartnicki, Joseph E.702263/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 4/28/1969
Peterson, Rodney W.702283/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 4/28/1969
Prince, Allan F.702353/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 7/14/1969
Barnett, Ronald G.702363/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 7/14/1969
Conwy, George M.702393/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 7/14/1969
Niebanck, Bruce R.702423/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/18/1969
Horrick, Nicholas R.704023/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 9/16/1968
Couch, Samuel A.702433/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/18/1969
Otruba, Benjamin P.702473/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 8/18/1969
Jacobson, Timothy704063/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 4/28/1969
Brockington, Henry "Hank"704073/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 8/18/1969
Aanonsen, Per704083/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 8/18/1969
Murphree, Mack C.704093/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 8/18/1969
Maxwell, D. Jay704103/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 8/18/1969
Mahar, Terrence J.704113/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 9/8/1969
Crowley, Neil F.704153/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 9/8/1969
Loubris, Paul E. "Ted"702543/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard as a Nav on 8/23/1968
Delambert, Donald W.702553/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard as a Nav on 8/23/1968
Edenfield, T. Keen702563/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 4/19/1979
Keeler, Alan A.702573/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 4/19/1979
Griffith, John R.702583/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 4/19/1979
Young, Gary D.702593/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 4/19/1979
Amatucci, Louis F.704173/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 12/6/1971
Biuso, Albert F. "Joe"704183/17/1981SWA F/EHired by Seaboard on 12/6/1971
Pascal, George702603/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/17/1979
Carpenter, Harold F. "Hap"702613/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/17/1979
Mann, William S.702623/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/17/1979
Mallamo, Arthur J.702633/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/17/1979
Donovan, Walter702643/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/17/1979
Duffy, Daniel J.702653/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/17/1979
Agra, Ress P.702663/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/17/1979
Defieux, David P.702673/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 9/17/1979
Zieger, Clifford P. "Phil"702683/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 2/4/1980
Zock, James L.702703/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 2/4/1980
Davies, Karen S.702713/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 2/4/1980
King Joseph L.702723/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 2/4/1980 and Don King's brother
Ripley, Peter W.702733/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 2/4/1980
Gurney, Timothy K.702743/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/10/1980
Rippelmeyer, Lynn J.702753/17/1981SWA PilotHired by Seaboard on 3/10/1980
Walsh, John V.702773/17/1981SWA PilotThe last Seaboard pilot hired before the merger with FTL
Deller, Sandra L.465402/10/1987Flight Crew
Deller, Ronald C.465392/10/1987Flight Crew
Scholze, Jerome V.465362/10/1987Flight Crew
Pollard, Jeffrey T.465432/10/1987Flight Crew
Smith, Mischell M.465352/10/1987Flight Crew
Anderson, Kristen C.465412/10/1987Flight Crew
Keefer, Richard B. "Rich"465382/10/1987Flight CrewDick Keefer's son
Pearce, Thomas R.465422/10/1987Flight Crew
Barnwell, David M.465372/10/1987Flight CrewJay Barnwell's brother
Turner, David V.465342/10/1987Flight Crew
Sinkevitch, Alexander R.465853/1/1987Flight Crew
Thomas, Timothy S.465863/1/1987Flight Crew
Harter, Susan F.465713/1/1987Flight Crew
Manson, Robert A.465793/1/1987Flight Crew
Lytle, John A.465773/1/1987Flight Crew
Frierson, Allen P.465693/1/1987Flight Crew
Ensley, Charles G.465673/1/1987Flight Crew
Thompson, William G.465873/1/1987Flight Crew
Deutsch, Bradford F.465653/1/1987Flight Crew
Fagone, Joseph J.465683/1/1987Flight Crew
Healy, Timothy D.465903/1/1987Flight Crew
Parker, Thomas G.465803/1/1987Flight Crew
Lewis, John D.465783/1/1987Flight Crew
Koning, Paul H.465913/1/1987Flight Crew
Anderson, Mark W.465603/1/1987Flight Crew
Darroch, Kevin S.465643/1/1987Flight Crew
Anderson, George L.465593/1/1987Flight Crew
Bareis, Steven W.465613/1/1987Flight Crew
Hensley, Colleen R. A.465723/1/1987Flight Crew
Shah, Walter A.465843/1/1987Flight Crew
Kebely, Brian M.465733/1/1987Flight Crew
Klein, John W.465753/1/1987Flight Crew
Harper, Frank P.465703/1/1987Flight Crew
Lohman, Scott G.465763/1/1987Flight Crew
Dimola, Daniel465663/1/1987Flight Crew
Kozak, Donald C.465743/1/1987Flight Crew
Zimmer, Richard C.465893/1/1987Flight Crew
Conner, William A.465633/1/1987Flight Crew
Curran, James M.465933/1/1987Flight Crew
Roser, Kyle E.465833/1/1987Flight Crew
Bangert, Alexander465623/1/1987Flight Crew
Laube, Michael P.465923/1/1987Flight Crew
Peterson, Nathan C.465813/1/1987Flight CrewFred Peterson's son
Mancini, John R.466673/23/1987Flight Crew
Connolly, Kevin P.466603/23/1987Flight Crew
Hall, Keith A.466643/23/1987Flight Crew
Reiser, Timothy E.466683/23/1987Flight Crew
Holder, James C.466653/23/1987Flight Crew
Crognale, Jack S.466613/23/1987Flight Crew
Aponte, Jose A.466593/23/1987Flight Crew
Cohen, Tamar S.466623/23/1987Flight Crew
Malmquist, Shem P.466663/23/1987Flight Crew
Rollison, James H.466913/24/1987Flight Crew
Dabrowski, Brian D.467123/31/1987Flight Crew
Jorgenson, Danny R. "Blacky"467804/13/1987Flight Crew
Call, Clifford G.467734/13/1987Flight Crew
Mathis, Victor D.467844/13/1987Flight Crew
Lundt, Kristopher E.467834/13/1987Flight Crew
Pack, Richard L.467924/13/1987Flight Crew
Flood, Michael J. "Flash"467754/13/1987Flight Crew
Adams, Robert T.467704/13/1987Flight Crew
Brown, Russell B.467724/13/1987Flight Crew
Huerta-Mendez, Jose L.467794/13/1987Flight Crew
Fratzke, Arlin P.467774/13/1987Flight Crew
Miller, A. David467854/13/1987Flight Crew
John, Philip C.467914/13/1987Flight CrewArt John's son
Young, Christopher C.467904/13/1987Flight Crew
Poindexter, Mark T.467874/13/1987Flight CrewBob Poindexter's son
Avery, Bruce A.467714/13/1987Flight Crew
Goetze, Frank W.467784/13/1987Flight Crew
Lee, Christopher M.467934/13/1987Flight Crew
Livaditis, Gus E. "Chip"467824/13/1987Flight Crew
Ware, Jeffrey M. 467894/13/1987Flight Crew
Fraser, Richard E. "Bluto"467764/13/1987Flight Crew
Kohlbacher, Rudi467814/13/1987Flight Crew
Pecoraro, Philip I.467864/13/1987Flight Crew
Dean, Randall A.470006/8/1987Flight Crew
Balas, William F.469776/8/1987Flight Crew
Cartmill, Thomas C.469796/8/1987Flight Crew
Johnson, John J.469906/8/1987Flight Crew
Holmstrom, Darrell D.469896/8/1987Flight Crew
Nacoste, Phillip J.469946/8/1987Flight Crew
Thiel, David W.469966/8/1987Flight Crew
Ortiz, Miguel A.469956/8/1987Flight Crew
Cameron, Robert D.469786/8/1987Flight Crew
Greentree, William J.469886/8/1987Flight CrewWilliam R. Greentree's son
Williams, John L.469846/8/1987Flight Crew
Gillette, Earl F.469816/8/1987Flight Crew
Proehl, Jonathan T.469836/8/1987Flight Crew
Crouch, David F.469996/8/1987Flight Crew
Flanagan, Clancy469876/8/1987Flight Crew
Watt, Robert A.469916/8/1987Flight Crew
Allen, William D.469766/8/1987Flight Crew
Gauvin, Jay S.469806/8/1987Flight Crew
Hanson, Jeffrey S.469826/8/1987Flight Crew
McBride, Patrick A.469936/8/1987Flight Crew
Zeitler, Wayne M.469866/8/1987Flight Crew
Kelson, Stanley L.469926/8/1987Flight Crew
Wirth, James R.470196/9/1987Flight Crew
Purdy, Donald W.471537/6/1987Flight Crew
Stangl, Kip K.471567/6/1987Flight Crew
Anderson, Donald H.471377/6/1987Flight Crew
Futrell, Larry J.471467/6/1987Flight Crew
Herrmann, Renita J.471497/6/1987Flight Crew
Brillaud, Stephen A.471397/6/1987Flight Crew
Riggs, Donald E.471547/6/1987Flight CrewDonald Riggs Sr.'s son
Leddy, Thomas P.471517/6/1987Flight Crew
Griffin, Ellen C.471487/6/1987Flight Crew
Wrye, David A.471587/6/1987Flight Crew
Lund, Kristoffer B.471527/6/1987Flight Crew
Damuck, Gary B.471427/6/1987Flight Crew
Trujillo, Bryan C.471597/6/1987Flight Crew
Frana, Joel A.471457/6/1987Flight Crew
Andor, Henry J.471387/6/1987Flight Crew
Weskalnies, Michael C.471577/6/1987Flight Crew
Jackson, Michael T.471507/6/1987Flight Crew
Dutton, Lloyd D.471447/6/1987Flight Crew
Carey, Brad E.471417/6/1987Flight Crew
Donohue, Frank J.471437/6/1987Flight Crew
George, Norman C.471477/6/1987Flight Crew
Carcioppolo, Joseph A.471407/6/1987Flight Crew
Saidy, John F.471557/6/1987Flight Crew
Wright, Jeffrey B.471607/10/1987Flight Crew
Melius, John T.460547/22/1987Flight Crew
Ringwood, Paul 473298/3/1987Flight Crew
Minnick, Danny J.473028/3/1987Flight Crew
Janelli, Gary A.473088/3/1987Flight Crew
Fredericks, William F.472928/3/1987Flight Crew
Balboni, Lawrence C.473078/3/1987Flight Crew
Elliott, Mark E.473058/3/1987Flight Crew
Alberts, J. Bradley472998/3/1987Flight Crew
Shanahan, Catherine I.473048/3/1987Flight Crew
Krueger, Scott A.472968/3/1987Flight Crew
Butlett, Kevin M.473128/3/1987Flight Crew
Broda, Peter F.472988/3/1987Flight Crew
Davis, Bryan K.473018/3/1987Flight Crew
Pickett, Donald M.473288/3/1987Flight Crew
Robinson, Thomas E.473308/3/1987Flight Crew
Hodge, Mark H.472628/3/1987Flight Crew
Lyne, Craig O.473118/3/1987Flight Crew
Finley, Celeste A.473038/3/1987Flight Crew
Burgin, Mark W.473098/3/1987Flight Crew
Purpura, John L.473008/3/1987Flight Crew
Cardaci, John473068/3/1987Flight Crew
Berry, Kevin D.472978/3/1987Flight Crew
Martin, Jeffrey L.473108/3/1987Flight Crew
Tinker, David A.473318/3/1987Flight Crew
Sauter, Richard C.473678/10/1987Flight Crew
Siegel, John E.473708/10/1987Flight Crew
Vincent, Darrell A.473738/10/1987Flight Crew
Weisenberger, Michael J.473768/10/1987Flight Crew
Bogart, David G.473508/10/1987Flight Crew
Easter, Dennis W.473568/10/1987Flight Crew
Seiple, Scott G.473698/10/1987Flight Crew
Roberts, Daniel L.473638/10/1987Flight Crew
Buonadonna, Louis473518/10/1987Flight Crew
Manion, Paul J.474028/10/1987Flight Crew
Royer, Paul473658/10/1987Flight Crew
Barker, Pamela C.474048/10/1987Flight Crew
Kelley, Robert J.473588/10/1987Flight Crew
Harrison, Mark J.473838/10/1987Flight Crew
Kuhn, Neil T.473598/10/1987Flight Crew
Schmidt, John E.473688/10/1987Flight Crew
Myers, Timothy473618/10/1987Flight Crew
Thal, Valerie J.473728/10/1987Flight Crew
Ruhl, Samuel E.473668/10/1987Flight Crew
Robinson, R. Andrew473648/10/1987Flight Crew
Wysocki, James E.473758/10/1987Flight Crew
Nestel, Brian473628/10/1987Flight Crew
Day, Dennis473548/10/1987Flight Crew
Disher, Donald D.473558/10/1987Flight Crew
Johnston, Mark473578/10/1987Flight Crew
Brucker, Alan473528/10/1987Flight Crew
Cline, Edward J.473538/10/1987Flight Crew
Motola, Joseph A.473608/10/1987Flight Crew
Wellington, Thomas473748/10/1987Flight Crew
Hays, Monty474378/17/1987Flight Crew
Masters, Richard A.474538/24/1987Flight Crew
Love, R. Kim474528/24/1987Flight Crew
Gerold, Robert K.474478/24/1987Flight Crew
Laurie, Craig M.474518/24/1987Flight Crew
Klair, Mark B.474508/24/1987Flight Crew
Blalock, Scot A.474468/24/1987Flight Crew
Owen, Charles W.474568/24/1987Flight Crew
Thompson, Douglas G.474548/24/1987Flight Crew
Higgins, Michael D.474498/24/1987Flight Crew
Wika, Gregory B.474558/24/1987Flight Crew
Golich, John X.4762610/5/1987Flight Crew
Dunning, Steven S.4762510/5/1987Flight Crew
Barnum, Seth M.4762310/5/1987Flight Crew
Jenkins, Stuart C.4763110/5/1987Flight Crew
Schiller, Philip S.4763410/5/1987Flight Crew
Henkel, James F.4762810/5/1987Flight Crew
Rollman, Steven M.4762910/5/1987Flight Crew
Greer, Gregory L.4763710/5/1987Flight Crew
Lenz, Peter R.4763310/5/1987Flight Crew
Breland, Jeffery A.4762410/5/1987Flight Crew
Kopko. Robert A.4763210/5/1987Flight Crew
Harro, Stewart E.4764010/5/1987Flight Crew
Jarvis, R. Kevin4763010/5/1987Flight Crew
Digiovanni, Sharon A.4763610/5/1987Flight Crew
Bjornstad, Paul A.4763510/5/1987Flight Crew
Larson, Todd A.480381/18/1988Flight Crew
Neuman, Patrick A.480371/18/1988Flight Crew
Higgins, Daniel M.480411/18/1988Flight Crew
Kleinheinz, James R.480391/18/1988Flight Crew
Snyder, Scott J.480361/18/1988Flight Crew
Wasko, Patrick C.480601/25/1988Flight Crew
Rosche, Knute K.481262/8/1988Flight Crew
Doty, James A.481272/8/1988Flight Crew
Peters, Brad D.481242/8/1988Flight Crew
Roeder, Gary L.481252/8/1988Flight Crew
Menestrina, Max L.481232/8/1988Flight Crew
Coeur, Jeff J.481202/8/1988Flight Crew
Harrison, Chance W.481222/8/1988Flight Crew
Brunson, Richard P.481862/22/1988Flight Crew
Ferguson, Charles L.481892/22/1988Flight Crew
Corcoran, Matthew W.481912/22/1988Flight Crew
Kuley, Raymond A.481902/22/1988Flight Crew
Wells, Christopher C.481922/22/1988Flight Crew
Coggs, Tandy W.481852/22/1988Flight Crew
Kuck, Douglas P.481932/22/1988Flight Crew
Kendall, Ross A.481872/22/1988Flight Crew
Meyers, John A.482242/29/1988Flight Crew
McPhee, Malcom J.482062/29/1988Flight Crew
Hemmelman, Michael L.482363/1/1988Flight Crew
Fredrickson, Guy P.482563/14/1988Flight Crew
Chenoweth, Lane D.482543/14/1988Flight Crew
Fray, Jerry D.482553/14/1988Flight Crew
Spina, Edward C.482573/14/1988Flight Crew
Moran, Michael W.482603/14/1988Flight Crew
O'Shaughnessy, Reyne A.482613/14/1988Flight Crew
Osterdahl, Anne482733/14/1988Flight Crew
Mumby, James J.482623/14/1988Flight Crew
Delorenzo, William A.482703/14/1988Flight Crew
Csaba, Steve G.482693/14/1988Flight Crew
Martin, Eric W.482583/14/1988Flight Crew
Mears, Keith E.482593/14/1988Flight Crew
Quinlan, Kevin P.482663/14/1988Flight Crew
Dormer, Brian E.481883/14/1988Flight Crew
Moyer, Ted A.484494/25/1988Flight Crew
Calloway, Auburn R.484524/25/1988Flight CrewFired while on probation. Subsequently hired by FedEx and attempted the well documented hijacking of FDX 705 on 4/7/1994
Kincart, Peter D.484684/25/1988Flight Crew
Fortanas, Jean C.484674/25/1988Flight Crew
Westfield, Paul C.484564/25/1988Flight Crew
Buyers, John W.484514/25/1988Flight Crew
Skaife, Judson T.484564/25/1988Flight Crew
Peterson, John C.484554/25/1988Flight Crew
Hassall, Alan S.484534/25/1988Flight Crew
Patton, Douglas A.484584/25/1988Flight Crew
Deau, Thomas J.484504/25/1988Flight Crew
Martin, Jeffrey W.484484/25/1988Flight Crew
Griffith, Timothy E.484544/25/1988Flight Crew
Burridge, Kenneth D.484594/25/1988Flight Crew
Balasek, Jon M.484604/25/1988Flight Crew
Robertson, Robert C.486236/6/1988Flight Crew
Grady, Aaron G.486746/6/1988Flight Crew
Payne, William 486256/6/1988Flight Crew
Stowe, Martin486766/6/1988Flight Crew
Prodanovich, Tomislav M.486246/6/1988Flight Crew
French, Kent A.486266/6/1988Flight Crew
Schenk, Charles D.486316/6/1988Flight Crew
Slussear, Martin 486306/6/1988Flight Crew
Underhill, Ronald B.486286/6/1988Flight Crew
Crimi, William F.486276/6/1988Flight Crew
Gilliland, Brick A.486986/13/1988Flight Crew
Conner, Kevin S.486996/13/1988Flight Crew
VanGeelkerken, Michael J.487006/13/1988Flight Crew
Eddy, Steven P.487237/1/1988Flight Crew
Kuhlman, Keith J.487117/1/1988Flight Crew
Allen, Andrew487097/1/1988Flight Crew
Barnard, Jorge A.487897/1/1988Flight Crew
Barth, Fred R.487907/1/1988Flight Crew
Fox, Paul J.487227/1/1988Flight Crew
Dame, Richard A.487917/1/1988Flight Crew
Wimberly, Thomas F.488417/11/1988Flight Crew
Paul, Ralph488707/18/1988Flight Crew
Crossley, James A.488657/18/1988Flight Crew
Kulesha, Kenneth P.488857/18/1988Flight Crew
Hein, Steven R.488647/18/1988Flight Crew
Muir, Steven R.488697/18/1988Flight Crew
Whitford, Gregory P.488717/18/1988Flight Crew
Keough, Robert P.488687/18/1988Flight Crew
Slocum, James E.488837/18/1988Flight Crew
Yasay, Vincent B.488727/18/1988Flight Crew
Bolton, Harry P.488827/18/1988Flight Crew
Koshak, Alan A.488887/18/1988Flight Crew
Meyer, Steven488867/18/1988Flight Crew
Dwyer, Daniel C.488637/18/1988Flight Crew
Sanford, Jerry E.488877/18/1988Flight Crew
Tegge, Brad A.488847/18/1988Flight Crew
Burckhard, Mark A.489147/25/1988Flight Crew
Folger, Peter J.489157/25/1988Flight Crew
Andrews, Michael L.4958211/29/1988Flight Crew
Cerutti, William J.4957811/29/1988Flight Crew
McCormick, Joseph E.4958711/29/1988Flight Crew
Cummings, Stuart L.4957711/29/1988Flight Crew
Webb, Thomas M.4958311/29/1988Flight Crew
Pavletic, Dolores M.4958611/29/1988Flight Crew
Farmer, Mark H.4958011/29/1988Flight Crew
McCabe, Shawn P.4957911/29/1988Flight Crew
Christ, Timothy D.4958811/29/1988Flight Crew
Bonn, Robert G.4958111/29/1988Flight Crew
Swanson, David A.4958411/29/1988Flight Crew
Barnabei, Matthew P.4958911/29/1988Flight Crew
Warrington, John E.4958511/29/1988Flight Crew
Vandeman, Todd R.4959011/29/1988Flight Crew
Breeden, Gerald R. "Stump"4959211/30/1988Flight Crew
Carter, James C.4959111/30/1988Flight Crew
Smith, Richard R.4959611/30/1988Flight Crew
Lee, Montgomery A.4959311/30/1988Flight Crew
Prince, Kenneth M. 4959411/30/1988Flight Crew
Patrick, Tracy K.4959911/30/1988Flight Crew
Knight, Gregory G.4959711/30/1988Flight Crew
Stiehl, Mark R.4959511/30/1988Flight Crew
Cherbonneaux, James W.4960011/30/1988Flight Crew
Harnish, Glen J.4959811/30/1988Flight Crew
Hill, Donald C.498231/9/1989Flight Crew
Barnett, John M.498181/9/1989Flight Crew
Herbig, Henry F.498201/9/1989Flight Crew
Bregar, Kurt J.498191/9/1989Flight Crew
Putze, Vincent E.498271/9/1989Flight Crew
Charbonneau, Robert C.498211/9/1989Flight Crew
Corbey, John E.498281/9/1989Flight Crew
Toms, Richard L.498251/9/1989Flight Crew
DeArmond, Robert H.498161/9/1989Flight Crew
Norman, Christopher L.498261/9/1989Flight Crew
Parker, Thomas D.498241/9/1989Flight Crew
Veirs, Ronald B.498171/9/1989Flight Crew
Cabanilla, Clifford D.498151/9/1989Flight Crew
Tuck, David W.498221/9/1989Flight Crew
Visnick, Harold I.498491/11/1989Flight CrewArnie Visnick's brother
Adams, Kenneth C.498721/16/1989Flight Crew
Gurevich, Alan H.498671/16/1989Flight Crew
Cheak, Alan S.498731/16/1989Flight Crew
Young, James R.498631/16/1989Flight Crew
Hart, Christopher E.498661/16/1989Flight Crew
Hill, Van R.498761/16/1989Flight Crew
Anton, Mark A.498741/16/1989Flight Crew
Libby, William J.498601/16/1989Flight Crew
Mitchell, Joyce A.498611/16/1989Flight Crew
Schwartz, Scott B.498701/16/1989Flight Crew
Flynn, Thomas J.498651/16/1989Flight Crew
Neal, James D.498621/16/1989Flight Crew
Gardner, Kevin498681/16/1989Flight Crew
Jones, David C.498641/16/1989Flight Crew
Robinson, Bruce A.498711/16/1989Flight CrewLast FTL pilot hired before FedEx merger on August 7, 1989