Flying Tiger Line
Pilots Association

Association By-Laws

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Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Flying Tiger Line Pilots Association (FTLPA).

Section 2. The Home Office of the Association shall be that of its Principal Officer, or as may be designated by the Executive Board.

Section 3. All previous references to Conventions are now termed Reunions per previous amendment.



Section 1. The Flying Tiger Line Pilots Association consists of pilots and employees of the Flying Tiger Line, dedicated to preserving the memory of a great airline and those who served in China and in World War II. Its purpose is to maintain and continue the close friendships and associations of the members.



Section 1. Regular Membership shall be extended and limited to all former cockpit crewmembers, including navigators and radio operators. Membership shall not be limited by age.

Section 2. In addition to Regular Membership, there shall be three special categories:

1. Associate Membership

  • Associate Membership shall be extended to all former Flying Tiger Line employees.

2. Life Membership

  • Life Members will be the surviving spouses or companions of deceased Regular Members.
  • Life Members are not required to pay dues and may decline continued membership if they so wish.

3. Honorary Membership

  • Sponsors who nominate a candidate shall be in good standing and must do so in writing to the Association’s Secretary.
  • There is no limit on the number of Honorary Memberships to be conferred each year.
  • For consideration a nominee must be present at the business meeting and have attended at least two previous reunions in the past five years.
  • Prior to each Reunion, the Executive Board shall consider, in order of their dated receipt by the Secretary, candidates for Honorary Membership.
  • The names of nominated candidates shall be presented for voting at the business session of each Reunion. A majority vote by those present shall be required for confirmation.
  • Honorary Members are required to pay dues in subsequent years to maintain their status as members

Section 3. The annual membership dues shall be $20.00. Dues are payable upon joining the Association, and thereafter during or prior to each reunion.



Section 1. The Officers of this Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary-Treasurer. These officers shall constitute the Executive Board.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall have the power to transact the general business of the Association, and shall arrange and control its current affairs. The Executive Board shall incur no indebtedness beyond its existing funds.

Section 3. The President shall exercise supervision over all the affairs of the Association, call all meetings of the Executive Board, and shall preside over such meetings. The President shall be the presiding officer at all Reunions.

Section 4. The Vice-President shall execute such duties as are assigned to him or her by the President.

Section 5. The duties of the Secretary-Treasurer are:

  • to keep a current roster of the members and their addresses, and to keep this information current on the FTLPA website
  • to handle the Association’s financial affairs
  • to execute such duties as may be assigned his or her office by the President.

Section 6. Not constituting a part of the Executive Board, the Association shall also have three additional Officers known as the Historian, and the Flight Attendant Representative, and the Life Member Representative, whose ideas and suggestions throughout the year regarding FTLPA business will be encouraged and considered. The duties of the Historian are to Amended May 2015 gather and disseminate personal data and lore of the Association’s members and can be held by any Regular Member in good standing. The duties of the Flight Attendant Representative are to act as a liaison for former Flying Tiger Line flight attendants and to assist the Association in the recognition of the contributions this group has made throughout the history of The Flying Tiger Line. This position can be held by either a Regular or Associate Member in good standing. Each Officer described in this section will be appointed, and can be dismissed, by a majority vote of the Executive Board.  The duties of the Life Member Representative are to act as a caring liaison for those listed on the membership roster as Life Members, particularly for those who have recently been widowed.  This position can be held by either a Regular Member or Associate Member, or a spouse of either.



Section 1. All candidates for office shall be nominated and elected as provided for in this article.

Section 2. It is suggested that a presidential nominee select his Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer and offer them as a slate for election. It is very important that these three officers be willing to work together as a team in managing the affairs of the Association and planning for the two forthcoming Reunions during their term.

Section 3. Election shall be by hand count, and shall be the last item of business on the final day of the Reunion. A majority vote of those Regular and Associate Members present and voting shall rule.

Section 4. Offices of President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer shall be occupied only by former FTL cockpit crewmembers, including disability retired.

Section 5. Officers shall hold office until replaced by newly elected officers. Should an officer become unable to serve during his term of office he shall be replaced by vote of the Executive Board, and the replacement shall serve until the next Reunion. An officer may also be removed from office by vote of the two remaining officers.

Section 6. The voting body shall consist only of those Regular and Associate Members whose dues are paid.



Section 1. The Association shall hold an annual Reunion. The place of future Reunions shall be determined by majority vote of the Executive Board three calendar years in advance at each Reunion.

Section 2. Members are welcome and encouraged to bring guests, such as friends and family members, to annual reunions.  Such guests must be listed on their host's registration form and must pay the same costs and fees, yearly membership dues excluded.

Section 3. All former Flying Tiger Line employees are encouraged to attend reunions for the first time, or periodically, without the requirement to join FTLPA.  However, such attendees are still considered guests and must be listed as such on a host's registration form per Section 2 above.  Former employment at FTL does not constitute automatic membership within FTLPA, nor the right to attend reunions without being invited by an association member in good standing.



Section 1. The Association shall hold an annual Reunion. The place of future Reunions shall be determined by majority vote of the Executive Board three calendar years in advance at each Reunion. Amended May 2015



Section 1. These Bylaws may be amended only at an Annual Reunion and by a majority vote of the Regular and Associate Members present and voting.

Section 2. This current version of the FTLPA Bylaws, dated 5/5/2018, represents the revised version of the Bylaws and includes all previous Amendments. It was approved by the current Executive Board and presented to those in attendance at the business meeting in Palm Springs on this date where it passed unanimously.


John Dickson- President
Larry Weeks- Vice-President
Peter Okicich- Secretary-Treasurer