Flying Tiger Line
Pilots Association


The 1980s

                On October 1, 1980 Flying Tigers merged with Seaboard World Airlines linking the United States with Europe and the Middle East.  The merger gave the combined airlines scheduled, all cargo service world wide.     December of '80 saw the beginning of Metro Airways, the passenger division…
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The 1980s Page 2

  September 3, 1983 Flying Tigers Inaugurated scheduled B-747 service to Australia.         747 over Sidney Habor December 1982, Al Cormier received the second Robert W. Prescott Memorial Award for his tireless devotion of 30 years and ongoing efforts on behalf of charitable causes around the world.     A new in-flight…
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The 1980s Page 3

  Browse over more pictures from the 1980s. Flying Tiger Line Pilots Association consists of pilots and employees of the Flying Tiger Line, dedicated to preserving the memory of a great airline and those who served in China and in World War II.  We hope you have enjoyed learning about our history and looking at…
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