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Other Employees Who Have Flown West

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“To fly west, my friend, is a flight we all must take for a final check." (Author unknown)

Last Name PositionHiredRetiredDate of BirthDate of DeathEdited or Other Information
AndersonR. C. 'Andy'Mech10/2/12Longtime MTC Supervisor (HKG)
BlumAmos E.Crew Schedule8/23/4210/20/18
CaldwellJackGS Instr8/4/02
CassKathleen L.Crew Scheduler6/5/197811/30/20006/1/19317/20/2020
DavidsonJohn MaxAir Ops1/1/461/1/542/3/184/13/92
Dewey Sr.JohnMgmt1/1/461/1/801/26/207/19/12Former VP Maintenance
HealyJoseph J.President1/1/501/1/798/24/2612/28/19Former FTL Pres after Prescott.
HoffmanWayneExec Mgmnt3/9/233/31/12CEO after Prescott
JonesGerald "Jerry"Passenger Service196209/30/199210/1/193303/28/2020
OsselloJimOps7/2/627/7/388/2/19Long time and well respected Manager and Director of Crew Scheduling
ParkerArtSim Instr5/28/04
RobinsonH. "Robbie"Crew Planning12/19/05Long time crew scheduler
SandersLouCrew Scheduler1/1/14Flight Attendant Crew Scheduler
TheleSigurd "Siggy"EWR Ops1/1/642/22/17

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