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Captain "Tommy" Haywood: Flying Tigers Founder

Captain Thomas Haywood, a founder of Flying Tiger Line and a member of the American Volunteer Group (AVG) in China, died April 28th ('79) at the Centinela Hospital, Inglewood, California, after a long illness. He was 61. Mr. Haywood, one of the original "boys from China" who threw in with Bob Prescott to finance the Flying Tiger Line almost 34 years ago, worked his first flight for the airline in 1945 as co-pilot to Bob Prescott on board one of the notorious stainless steel Budd Conestogas. He piloted Flying Tigers aircraft around the world for the next 15 years, until his flying career ended with a major haywoodheart attack in 1959. Upon recovery, Mr. Haywood directed the airline's flight operations and served as manager of ground training until his retirement in 1973.

Mr. Haywood is survived by his wife, Betty, and his two married daughters, Mrs. Marilyn Haywood Orr and Mrs. Suzanne Haywood Nahurski. He also leaves his mother, Marie J. Haywood, two sisters, a cousin and two grand-children.










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