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molder-1Here it is --- The Flying Tiger Line as you’ve never seen them before. For 45 years, these pioneers of commercial air cargo were revered for getting the job done. Famous and daring, they successfully completed both government and humanitarian missions, including the relocation of Yemenite Jews, Hungarian refugees to the U.S., aid to earthquake victims, emergency relief flights to Cambodia, Ethiopia and the Sudan, and much more.

In his book, Tiger Tales, former Tiger LeVerne J. Moldrem tells the incredible stories behind the missions. Personal accounts from pilots and flight attendants paint exciting, diverse portraits of these heroes of the sky. Adding to the realism are side-splitting "bar stories" on layovers, as well as tragic recollections of engine failures, fires and fatal accidents.

With humor and nostalgia, LeVerne J. Moldrem captures a piece of our history. And Tiger Tales forever preserves it.


LeVerne J. Moldrem has done it all. Starting out as a farm boy in Wisconsin, his life would soon become one adventure after another. From the Air Force to a working cowboy in Texas to a bootlegger in Oklahoma... (He claims it was considered a reasonably respectable occupation at the time.)

He then joined The Flying Tiger Line. He served as a mechanic, then became maintenance supervisor for four years. He lived in Japan, the Philippines and Saigon, Vietnam. With the Tigers, he went from co-pilot to captain. He flew international trips to every continent, and retired as a Boeing 747 captain.

Due to the crowded highways and crazy drivers, Captain Moldrem still prefers to fly. Today he flies all over the country in a 50 year old Navion Plane. The age of the plane does not bother him because, as he says, "It’s paid for." He still has a great sense of humor.

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