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Thomas C. Scott

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. That is where I attended both grade school and college. I started taking flying lessons in High School and always found there was something new to learn. I received my Commercial and Instrument rating at Progressive Air Service, Inc. in Hawthorne, CA (Hail to Barney South). I served in the United States Coast Guard for 5 years in the early 1960's and have been in love with the sea ever since. I am a California State Licensed Contractor and have had several business operations outside of the airline industry. I worked for Pacific Telephone in Los Angeses and San Diego for several years, Flying Tigers for 24 years and FedEx for 10 years. I flew the following aircraft with Flying Tigers:

  • L 1049-H "Connie"
  • CL-44
  • DC-8
  • B-727
  • B-747

I flew the following aircraft with FedEx:

  • B-747
  • MD-11

I flew as a Flight Engineer, First-Officer and Captain. Held the positions of Second Officer Instructor, Instructor Pilot and Check Pilot at Tigers. I was also Captain Representative and Council Chairman for ALPA Council 100 in Anchorage. I also served as Captain Domicile Representative for the Fedex Pilots Association (FPA) in Anchorage. I can tell you now, in retrospect, that my career with Flying Tigers was a wonderful adventure filled with wonderful folks. I will always remember my days at Tigers with great fondness. My days with FedEx were also filled with many wonderful people and I found the management at FedEx to be enlightening. I retired early in July of 1999. I am enjoying my retirement in Alaska and filling my days with long postponed projects and personal interests. My hobbies? Photography (Basement Darkroom), Fishing and My Boys. That's enough about Me....... What about you? Thanks and may God Bless you all.

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