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In Memoriam...

Theodore "Ted" Menk

December 27, 1923- October 27, 2012

Ted passed away in his beautiful Lake Tahoe home in the arms of his beloved wife Barbara. They were married for 47 years and lived a blessed life. They loved traveling, flying in their own plane all over and boating on Lake Tahoe. Ted loved his toys....vintage Cadillac convertibles, airplanes, and boats, but he absolutely adored his wife, Barbara. It would just fill your heart with joy when you heard him say loving sweet things to Barbara like "honey, you just look so pretty with the sun shining on your beautiful red hair."

Menk3Ted and Barbara loved entertaining friends and relatives and relatives and friends all loved being their guests! Barbara and Ted would tell you that when your cloth napkin got soiled, it was time to go of course, we all hid a paper one on our lap, so the cloth one stayed clean! Nobody wanted to "go home." This was either in their Lake Tahoe home where they spent their summers, or in their Manhattan Beach home, where they spent their winters, (after Ted stopped skiing.)

Ted loved snow skiing, water skiing, tennis and other sports, and always prided himself on keeping fit and healthy. Barbara loved that too and they had a lot of fun together taking friends out on their boat, hiking, going bicycling, skiing, etc.

Menk1Ted flew for Flying Tigers for 31 years and retired in 1986. He loved his work, but he was also a Real Estate dynamo and over the years, he and Barbara developed and purchased many properties in California and Maui. Ted tried to teach his fellow pilot friends the art of acquiring real estate and now many of those people wish they had paid more attention to him!


Ted loved life, he will be missed and he will always be in our hearts.

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