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View the diagram (right) and then check to see what tables have seats available using the chart below.  Submit your request using the form at the very bottom of this page.  Please note:

  • Actual table locations may differ slightly based on final attendance figures.
  • NEW- Table numbers have been recently changed to accommodate a reduction in tables.

TableSeats Still AvailableNames at Table
Table #1Table is FullArlin & Jenifer Fratzke
Rudi Kohlbacher
Andy Hohner
Jeff Spyr
John & Anek Smith
Ed & Liz Johnston
Larry & Kathy Ellestad
Guy Lopez
Table #2Table is FullLarry & Mary Weeks
Ken & Diana Ciszek
Ray & Judi McKenzie
Tom Constable & Sandra Constable
Rory Pendley
Holly Lefkowitz
Table #31 seat openJohn & Jeanne Dickson
Lydia Rossi & Jerry Kalman
Ginny & John Dixon
Charles Kennedy
Kirchy Prescott
Pam Hunter
Table #4Table is FullGeorge & Julie Gewehr
Doug & Marie Happ
John & Patti Culea
John Binikos
Guy Van Herbruggen
Dwight & Carol Small
Table #52 seats openDiana Nagatani
Bruce Neglia
Sharrie Schleis
Jo Nell Kocisko
Todd & Mark Kocisko
Andee Wright
David Marzane
Table #6Table is FullJean-Claude & Katie Demirdjian
Mike & Leslie Barber
Jim & Elena Colyar
Tom & Menalee Pierchala
Lonnie & Miriam Hill
Table #7Table is FullEliot Shulman
Bill & Maria Lawbaugh
Phil & Leslie Hannah
Thom and Connie Grimes
Bob Schwartz
John & Shan Englehardt
Table #84 seats openGene Krawchuck
Marty Markey
Dan Day
Rick Litle
Mikki McCraley
Robert Dixon

Table #91 seat openScott & Donna Mergele
Rich & Bonnie Masluk
Peter & Gael Okicich
Bill & Agnes Mayfield
Marsha Hay Merz
Table #10Table is FullGene & Joyce Danielsen Dalbey
Carole Hansen & Christine
Toni Brunton
Starr Thompson
Jan Ross Carerre
Betty Carver
Al Silver
Jerry Reid
Table #11Table is FullBob Strang
Con & Kathy Campbell
Frank & Gay Maguire
Ray Rignel
Jim & Karen More
Susie Latvala
Jeff Parker
Table #121 seat openPaul & Susan Rebscher
Deb & Jim Paul
Tandy & Michelle Rizzo
Jim Bailey
Jim Theobald
Karen Fischer
Table #13Table is FullStephen Bulka
Ed & Christine Henry
Bear Kramer & Cynda Kramer
Dave & Yoshi Morris
Bill & Gail Constable
Barney Szymaniak
Table #14Table is FullJosie & Stan Gibson
Leslie & Dave Pfeifer
Ann & Jim Montgomery
Maureen Amiot Thomas
Marilyn Breen
CeCe Jonsen
Cherrie Steffey
Table #15Table is FullBob & Maureen Adams
Dan Briggs
Ginger Leiss
Jack Johnson
Ann & Jennifer Royall
Samantha Royall
Ken & Darcy Kulesha
Table #162 seats openDebbi Rickman Martinez
Dayna Dehertog
Sherry Leonard
Pat Ramos-Reede
Keri Buckley
Jenny Schueneman
Trevor Lewis
Kim Zurlinden
Table #17Table is FullSharon Sowell
Joyce Van Riper
Frank &
Reyné O'Shaughnessy Goetz
Rick & Eddi Fordem
Mike Donahue
Lindy (Fordem) Donahue
Bill Libby
George Conway
Table #182 seats openRobert & Jeanette Carona
Ty Turley & Ann Turley
Al Hader
Renita Herrmann
Mike Bonner
Dick Rothstein
Table #19Table is FullLeigh-Lu Prasse
John & Helena Burke
Dave & Annette Lusk
Hanks & Steve Germain
Glen Van Winkle
Rex & Carole Cotter
Table #20Table is FullBill & Nita Heaphy
Garrett & Maralyse Wight
Joe Wight
Mike & Colleen Johnson
Garry & Erica Duff
Rick Middel
Table #21Table is FullMike Sweeley
Paul Bjornstad & Stacy Horn
Bob & Nancy Sheckler-Cecchi
Vincent Timmermans
Del & Lynn DeLaurentis
Ernie & Bette Belanger
Table #22Table is FullJay & Annette Forbes
Dave & Cindy Barnwell
Jim & Roseanne McGreal
Jeff & Amy Belt
Kevin & Libby Berry


Use the form below to request your table.  Be sure to request at least three tables in the order preferred.  You will be notified as quickly as possible and added to one of your requested table.