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In Memoriam...

Sterling Blackwell

July 24, 1923

March 16, 2001



I just took a look at the new picture of Inky and I picked up Inky's

ashes this past Wednesday. Myself and Colleen Gilligan will be going out to

sea sometime next week to distribute Inky's ashes over the ocean as this was

his wish. Colleen and I were friends of Inky, I've known him about 15

years. We were also his caregivers during the last year of his life. I

lived with Inky at his home and took care of all his personal affairs. The

picture on your site Shad picked up from me a couple of weeks ago.

I have to say that Inky was one of the nicest men I've known and helping him

through the most trying time of his life, though difficult, was a very

rewarding experience for myself, and, for Colleen. Inky displayed a grace

and dignity that was exemplary in the face of the most challenging of life's

circumstances. I found him to be an inspiration in regard to his kindness,

and, his desire to live as long as he could. He fought the good fight

regardless of the inevitable conclusion. I was closest to him during this

time and have a great deal of respect for the courage I witnessed.

I'm currently staying on working on Inky's home to prep it for being put on

the market. I should be here another couple of months.

If there is any further information I can provide, please let me know.

Thanks very much.


-Bill Klein

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