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Ron Dehertogh

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In Memoriam...

Ron Dehertogh

August 1949- December 1995

Ron "The Hog" Dehertogh was born in Chicago in August of 1949 and died of cancer December 1995. He was at FTL from May 1978 until his death. He was married to Dana Sydney, a former FTL F/A   and left 2 daughters, Ashley and Delaney.   I instructed Ron for his Commercial and CFI ratings at Purdue University where he was an aviation student. We became best friends and shared many good times. He helped get an interview for me at FTL and I Flew proudly for them `till furloughed (APRIL 79-NOV 81). Ron was a B747 F/O and had served in the training dept. as a B747 S/O instructor. He lived in Orange Co. and San Diego during his `Tiger ` days.

Yours , John C. Hill (JC or Turk)

767Capt.,Delta Airlines

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