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Richard W. “Turtle” Redditt

In Memoriam

November 11, 1944 - July 25, 2019

The following is a Facebook post from Rich and Pat Redditt's daughter, Amy, a description of the man we all knew and loved as well.  Directions for Rich's funeral in August are posted below her poignant words.

With tremendous sorrow, I am sharing the news that my dad passed away Thursday evening at 9:58pm. He took his last breaths as we held him, kissed him, told him we loved him and thanked him for being the absolute best! I was able to be with my dad 24/7 caring for him as the end neared and we talked and laughed and shared a long good-bye over the past 26 days that I will never forget and forever be grateful.

He told me he will always be with me, and that he had plans to join a hummingbird squadron in the commanding officer of course...I know his squadron will be full of amazing friends and loved ones who will love him just as we loved him. I look forward to his visits and I know he will make time to visit all of us just as did during his life. My dad was never too busy, he always showed up, he listened, he answered the phone, he gave great advice and he paid attention! I know he will do the same from heaven! I love you dad. I miss you! I will honor our pact, I promise to be okay, to carry-on and to pass your love and wisdom to the next generation. Thank you for loving me, for sharing your life with me, for teaching me and guiding me, but most of all Thank you for being the most amazing father in the world!

We are making plans to have a church service in memory of Rich Redditt on Aug 14th, 2019 at the Miramar Chapel, followed by military honors and burial at the Miramar Cemetary, followed by a celebration of life "party" at the Miramar Officers Club. My dad wanted his final resting place to be where he could hear jet noise day and night, so to all those flying in and out of Miramar make sure you tip your wing and make some noise for Turtle!

If you have photos or memories of Rich Redditt please share them with our family. This would mean the world to us and will be a wonderful way for his grandchildren to keep their "Mum-Mum" in their hearts as they grow up. Reach out to this email.

Amy Redditt Tomlinson

Possibly the last picture ever captured of Rich with his Tiger buddies, Erich Krueck and Bear Kramer, in Marina Del Rey about 2 months before Turtle flew west.

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