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Ray Korty

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July 25, 1915

January, 28, 1966

In Memoriam...

Ray Korty

Ray was born on July 25, 1915 In Lafayette, Indiana & grew up on his dad's farm. After high school, he bought his first airplane & flew during the 30's barnstorming and the like. During this time he became co-owner of an airport in Lafayette which he helped run for the next 30 years or so.

During WWII he taught "Army Primary" in Stearmans at Decatur, Alabama.

In 1942 he married Agnes Vaughan from Lafayette, Indiana while stationed in Alabama. Later he transferred to the Army Air Corps "Ferry Command" at Romulus, Michigan & delivered B-17s & B-24s to England. On each return he flew wounded servicemen back to the states in C-46s, C-47s, and later DC-4s. After the war he joined Seaboard World Airlines for a short stay; and then joined the FTL in 1948 where he flew most of the airline's aircraft types. During the 50's he settled in with the "Super Connie" being based in Newark under chief pilot Bob Souers, and he did a brief stint as an instructor pilot there. Ray left the Tigers in 1962 on medical & moved his wife and four sons back to Indiana from whence he came.

Ray died on January 28, 1966 from infection complications following surgery of a couple months prior. His wife Agnes is now 86 and still lives in Lafayette, IN, where they met so long ago.

I believe Ray was well liked at the Tigers, & his early death was a great loss to us all. Much time has now passed- his sons have grown with families of their own. One of his sons is currently an Airbus Captain with US Airways.

As for me, he was a great pilot & instructor, & one of the best men I've ever known. Some day I know we'll meet again up in the "Wild Blue Yonder".

I'll always love you- dad!

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