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Michael Howe

02/19/1942- 07/09/2012

My beloved husband, this is a summary of what I know of some of the highlights of your life.

One of Mike’s greatest loves was flying and airplanes. He received his pilot’s license at age 16 before he had a driver’s license. He built up flying hours after he received his license by instructing and becoming a member of the Civil Air Patrol Auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force in 1960 wherein he flew numerous search-and-rescue missions. He received recognition on two separate occasions for his calmness, persistence and skill as a pilot in saving flyers in the western states. Mike later flew as a member of the Army National Guard.

One of the best days in Mike’s life was January 3, 1966 when he commenced employment with Flying Tigers Airline with whom he flew as a commercial pilot for almost 25 years. While in the employ of Flying Tigers from 1966 to 1968, Mike engaged in combat operations within the Republic of Vietnam. Mike became progressively proficient as a pilot and flew increasingly complex and larger aircraft with Flying Tigers. He retired in 1988 as Captain on the Boeing 747. Flying Tigers was bought by Federal Express subsequent to Mike’s retirement; but the Flying Tigers’ pilots formed the FTL Pilot Association which remains active. Mike served as Webmaster for the Association from 2000 to 2004. Mike and Jody had great fun for many years with wonderful former Tigers, attending annual reunions for the Association each year in different cities throughout the country.

Another great day for Mike was April 19, 1980 when he married Jody L. Howe. Mike and Jody shared a wonderful life together and had been married 32 years at the time of Mike’s death. (No kids, but Mike indulged Jody’s love of cats and was a devoted cat dad.) Jody credits Mike to a large extent with the personal and professional success she has enjoyed in her life.

In his retirement years, Mike owned and operated a power equipment store in Sandy, Utah, Mowers & Blowers, where he was innovative in internet marketing long before it became widely used as it is today.

Thereafter, Mike continued to express his love for aviation by becoming involved with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). In 2001 Mike purchased and began construction of an experimental aircraft. In 2010, Mike and his partner Dr. Richard B. Barnes, completed construction of a Vans RV-10 experimental aircraft for which they received an award for outstanding construction at Oshkosh in 2011. Mike served as president of the EAA from 2006 to 2007, and was untiringly involved with the EAA B-17 Aluminum Overcast Tour. He thoroughly enjoyed his involvement with members of the EAA and other builders and small aircraft owners at Bountiful Skypark in Woods Cross, Utah.

Mike was a major contributor to the success of Utah Bankruptcy Professionals, PC, a law firm owned and operated by Jody from about 1999 to the present. He created a website for the firm in 2000 before very many other law firms in the state had websites. In the three years before his death, Mike worked for the firm in customer support and general operations on a day to day basis.

Mike was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous commencing in 1978. He remained abstinent from alcohol thereafter; and at the time of his death, had 34 years of sobriety. He helped hundreds of individuals in the AA program by example, service and public speaking. From 1988 to 1989, he served as President of the Helping Hand Association which operated the Haven, a successful residential recovery house in Salt Lake City, Utah from which Mike had graduated in 1978.

Personally, Mike had a wonderful sense of humor and brilliant mind. He had a keen intuition and ability to assess and resolve difficult life situations. (How am I going to live without you baby?)

Survived by spouse, Jody L. Howe, brother, Stephen Howe. Preceded in death by mother Dorothy Trotter Shelton, father: Virgil P. Howe, cats Tiger, C.G., Eva, Esther & Sidney.

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