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We're very excited to announce a new mail order method to obtain merchandise normally available in The Hangar at our yearly reunions.  We know that visiting the store was an exciting part of the reunion experience and that the cancelations have prevented you from re-supplying your stash of Tiger stuff.  We think the procedure we've created will be of benefit to both you and the association.

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Payment vs Donation?

 Remember our ground school instructors stomping their feet before an important part of a system was discussed -- most likely like the answer to a question on the written exam? Keep that in mind when reading the next section.

It's important to understand the concept behind this mail order procedure.  Behind the scenes, nothing has changed.  At our reunions, whether you used cash or a credit card, the amount received by FTLPA at The Hangar was always treated as a donation to our non-profit 501(c)7 Association in exchange for the FTL items provided.  Because of this the collection of sales tax has never been required.  (Stomp-Stomp) The merchandise that you receive after requesting items is a Gift from FTLPA in exchange for your Donation to the Association.  You are receiving something of equivalent value for your donation, so don't try to write it off.  Just be happy that tax is not tacked on.


It's also important understand that the inventory for any given item will change as we receive request forms. Orders will be filled by Jeanne and I as they are received and until items remain in stock.  However, there will be no reordering of merchandise until our next reunion.  The availability of any particular item, especially if a specific size is involved, is not guaranteed.  This is part of the reason the procedure below has two steps.  If your item(s) have sold out then you will be notified of your revised total first before your donation is requested.  In addition, the estimated cost of shipping will be added to your order for a grand total.

How's This Gonna Work?

This is not going to be your Amazon or L.L. Bean experience.  Jeanne and I both ask for your patience as we initiate this process together.  We can guarantee you that there will be snags. We won't be in a position to offer returns or exchanges.  Orders will be processed as quickly as possible.  However,  you can throw away any concept of Next Day Delivery.  We will be putting maximum effort into this, but only as our own personal life allows.  Again, for this to be a success we will need all the patience and understanding that you can give us.

Here's the process:

  1. Complete The Form - Download. print, and complete the Merchandise Request Form found at the bottom of this email.  You can also download the form by clicking on Merchandise Ordering tile on the left column of our Home Page.
  2. Send Us The Form - Send the completed form via scanned email or text, or by regular postal service to John at his address on the form.  Do not send the form to the P.O. Box.
  3. Shipping Costs Will Be Determined - Once received we will accumulate the items and determine the cheapest way to ship your order, depending on the quantity and the weight of the package.   Most likely it will be shipped via a USPS Flat-Rate Box.
  4. Notification of Required Donation - If anything on your list has been sold out then you will be notified of the adjusted amount, as well as the cost of shipping added to your order.
  5. Send Your Donation - Complete your payment online or via a check sent to the address on the form.
  6. Your Package Is Shipped - Once your donation is received your gifts will be sent and you will be notified that it's on it's way.


There will certainly be a lot as we both figure out any required adjustments to the procedure above.  We really want this to be a win-win for all of us.  You will get the merchandise you've been missing and FTLPA will get a little more funding.  Most importantly for the Dicksons, they will get the use of one of their guest bedrooms back that's been used for the past two years to store all the bins of merchandise!

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