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Masao Narita

In Memoriam

November 3, 1935 - October 6, 2022

Mr. Narita, Narita-san, was a true gentleman and first class man endeared by all who transited Tokyo for so many years.  He was the friendly face that greeted all Flying Tiger crews in NRT, always there for any of us in need of even the simplest requests.

Sayonara Narita-san.  We know you'll be there for our  our own ultimate arrivals.

The following was received by FTLPA after he was invited to attend the 2019 Long Beach Reunion.  In his own words and spelling, as he would prefer.

Hello Dear Captain John,

I started to work at Haneda Airport (HND) as Limo Driver right after discharged Japanese Ground Self Defense Force on 1960.  Most of my duty was take Flying Tiger (Incld Tiger Air Service) and Seaboard Crews from Hotel in Downtown Tokyo to the Tachikawa AFB and Yokota AFB back and force.  Tiger Started Commercial Business at Haneda Airport in 1969 and I moved with many pilots recommended.
1978, We moved New Tokyo Airport (NRT) and I decided to buy house in Chiba City.
1988, My lovely wife passed away by stomach Cancer right after my first son married.
I’m retired 1995 out of FedEx and I drove all over the country for enjoying my life.
1998, Back to work for Polar Air Cargo as Station Manager at NRT.
I was very happy to work for 747 especially N806FT alive.
My happy moment was many former FTL Pilots gave me call and took dinner together at Narita City area.
Every October or November, Bear Kramer gave me call for cerebrate our Birthday.
Also I’m enjoy to drove to the Mt Fuji with Harry Johnson, Picnic with Joe Crecca etc...

I’m 83 years old but still healthy and drove atleast 3 times year to visit my home town Hirosaki City near Misawa AFB.

May is very hard to travel for us that most bussy travel season in Japan.
Lastly, Please extend my best regards to Old Tigers...
Sayonara for now.

Narita-san was always aware of any special occasions such as retirement flights.  Below is an example of his Tiger Spirit when presenting Captain Arvel "Al" Rector with a special cake on his retirement flight in 1981.

With Mr. Narita, Masao, on his last flight

Below is an assortment of pictures taken by Masao over the years.  Anyone else wishing to contribute to this page with archived pictures or testimonials is encouraged to contact us at

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