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Mary Lou Taylor Gaudino

In Memoriam

Feb. 6, 1928 - Feb. 15, 2021

From Kathy Hammel

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes Mary Lou Taylor "Little Lulu" arrived weighing 5 pounds at 2 a.m. on February 6th, 1928. Her parents, Harry and Anna Taylor were once again blessed with a daughter, number 5, of the Taylor Maids: Ida-Mae, Luverne, Bette, Harriet and now Mary Lou, the last to arrive and the last to go. Twelve nieces and nephews then greats and grand. She scampered through life, often on a whim.

She built her own stilts so she could see others eye to eye. From skiing to skating, sewing and racing, she was par for the course.

Then flying appeared on her horizon. Typically she did it all, from stewardess to flight attendant then SFA. Hiring and firing, training and scheduling and then ran the show...the Chief! She spent 37 years aloft from UAL to Tigers, with a few in between.

Before she was finished her life exploded with Captain Joe Gaudino at her side. What a life they had from the Far East to Europe and Asia too. Airplanes and cruises, by road and by train. Their address was "Gone Again".

Joe's passing too soon sent Mary Lou back to school adding some technology to her life. She added new friends and a new home but her traveling days were over. It was time to slow down to deal with lung cancer, diabetes, CHF, brain surgeries, and deafness. These issues changed her life forever but she still had her sense of humor and her memories of her wonderful journeys.

Mary Lou Taylor Gaudino passed away on February 15th, 2021, just after her 93rd birthday. With all her talks with Jesus, she must be in heaven (most likely reminiscing about her beloved Tiger days). Thanks be to God.


From the fellow crew members: a remembrance.

Mary Lou and I flew together in the 60s and 70s. She was Chief Flight Attendant at the Newark base before I started flying. She was my Senior FA many times.

We had great times, both fun and very serious.  She was very short and I was 5'8",  she took care of the low stuff and I got her things from the overhead and the top bins in the galley when we were on the same flight, which seemed to be often.

We went through horrendous storms during monsoon season, got shot at and hit the bunkers in Saigon, slid around Anchorage in ice storms, and had layovers by the pool in Hawaii.  We both even ended up marrying Italian- American men!

I will miss her, she was wonderful, thank you for sending John Mary Lou's obituary,

Mary Lou was a stinker.  She was professional and serious and extremely competent.  But she often had a twinkle in her eyes like she held a secret that she may or may not tell you.

She was a fair Senior and didn't  play favorites, even if she had them.  She had a temper you did not want to have focused on you.  She also had a great sense of humor.  I've known Mary Lou since 1967 and we've been through thick and thin together.

It didn't  matter if we didn't see each other for a year, we would pick up where we left off, catching up and renewing our friendship.  She suffered greatly her last years, some external, some internal. But, oh my goodness, how I'll miss her.  God speed, Mary Lou.

Robin Burkey Pestarino, Senior Flight Attendant, Flying Tiger Line



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