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Lamont W. “Shad” Shadowens

In Memoriam

November 25, 1922 - June 11, 2022

We've received the sad news that Lamont W. "Shad" Shadowens flew west on June 11,2022, in Woodside, CA at the age of 99. He leaves behind his wife, Katherine Shadowens, in addition to several children and grandchildren.

On the side, Shad earned his law degree and was instrumental in helping to solidify the standing of the Flying Tiger Line Retired Pilots Associaiton, as it was called then, when he served as president from 1989 to 1992.  Hired in 1953 he eventually worked his way up to VP-Flight Operations upon retiring in 1982.

Shad's hobbies included communicating on ham radio, working with computers and writing poetry. One of his poems is featured in the CD extras for "The High and The Mighty" in which he was interviewed about "Flying in the Fifties". Another poem about his cherished colleagues, who have Flown West, is included below.

Shad always loved a good laugh. The family hopes you can take a moment to recall a funny Shad story in his honor.

Please keep the Shadowens family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.  Flowers will be sent from all of the members of FTLPA.

Rest In Peace Shad. We will miss you.

Final Alert
In memory of Tigers Flown West

Great camaraderie knows that band
Of tigers of the air
These Tigers known for roaring through
World's airspace everywhere

For those flown West now memories
Of their joyous youthful days
Of flights of thrills and challenges
Both off and on the earth's airways

All know that life is finite
Much sweet sadness comes these times
As too many near the terminal
Where much clearer sound the chimes

To that band of stalwarts
Now under soil in many lands
In fantasy we chat and meet
From Frankfurt to Australia's strands

At Johnny Miller's and many more
A favorite that each could name
Know somewhere a glass is often lifted
To this band few storms could tame.

From: Flight Rhymes and Verses by
(c) Lamond "Shad" Shadowens

A Daughter's Farewell to Lamont Shadowens Sr.


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