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Kenneth J. Kahn

Hired 6/12/1967 by Seaboard World
Retired xx/xx/xxxx from FDX (#xxxxx)

My Tiger Tales

I was hired by Seaboard on 6/12/67 as a DC-8 F/O, a big jump for someone who had never flown anything larger than a Beech Baron. I got involved with ALPA and worked on the membership, negotiating, and merger committees. After the merger, I found Tigers to be a first-class operation with a lot of great guys and gals. I flew the DC-8, B-727, and B-747.I had six-months of particularly wonderful flying on the B-727. We flew a four-day trip every other week between Houston, Mexico City, Miami, and Santo Domingo. It all on the FRONT SIDE OF THE CLOCK! There were only two crews so lucky. Naturally, it was too good to last, and it was soon back to all-night hub operations. I shortly escaped to the B-747 I found the sleep disruption and deprivation caused by its schedules too grueling. After two years, I took very early retirement in 1988 just before the FedEx merger. From what I hear, I don't regret having missed it. I manage the Seaboard web site and enjoying hearing from old colleagues. I also check Mike's wonderful Tiger web site every day with great nostalgia.

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