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Kathy Cass

In Memoriam

  June 1, 1931 - July 20, 2020

Former Crew Scheduler Kathy Cass, 89, died peacefully in her sleep the morning of July 20, 2020, at her home in Carson City, Nevada. Memorial services were limited to the family only due to mortuary and municipal coronavirus restrictions.  Additional information will be passed on to you as it becomes available.

Kathy, a veteran of 23 years as a crew scheduler for Flying Tigers and FedEx, retired on November 30, 2000.  To quote many of the pilots who attended her retirement celebration in Los Angeles “Kathy was an absolute pleasure to work with for these many years and has been one of those who we could rely on and trust implicitly.”  She was one of those people who brightened the day and made life better for those who interacted with her - and always managed to make a difficult task pleasant.

Kathy’s four surviving children would very much like to put together a memory book of stories, pictures, etc., of her life with our pilot group and Flying Tigers / FedEx. If you have any stories or pictures that would help them through this difficult period of adjusting to life without their mother, please mail them to her daughter, Claudia Aguilar, at 1241 Barossa Way, Carson City, NV 89701. You may also email them to Ron and Gwen Burson at and they will be forwarded to Claudia.

Kathy, we bid you a final and fond farewell on your continuing journey.

The following are pictures from Kathy's retirement party.


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