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John Dewey Sr.

John_John[1]In Memoriam...

John Dewey Sr.

01/26/1920- 07/19/2012

Born 1/26/1920 in Astoria, L.I., New York. His family moved to Middletown, NY in the early 1930's due to his mother and sister coming down with tuberculosis. The mountain air was supposed to be good for TB but they both succumbed when he was 12 years old. His mom had been a nurse at Bellevue Hospital in NY and his Dad was a shoe salesman. He grew up during the depression. In 1939, he joined the Marines at age 19. He was in the service when WWII erupted in America with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He served in Guadalcanal as TBM Avenger gunner. He shot down the first enemy plane at Guadalcanal and was lauded as a hero. He insists he is no hero.

He started at Flying Tigers as a mechanic in 1946 and rose through the ranks to VP Maintenance. He accomplished so much while he was at Tigers. They are written about in the Tiger Tales book and the Hungry Tiger book. After he retired in 1980, he did consulting work for MGM Grand Air, Pacific East, and others.

His passions were airplanes and golfing. He traveled around the world golfing. He started caddying for a dime when he was just a boy. He once caddied for Babe Ruth who gave him a $5 tip.

DeweyJ_Sr[1]He was married twice and had three children (John Jr, Steven and Joan) and two grandchildren. John Jr became a Flying Tiger pilot.

He was the funniest, happiest, loving-est, most honest and sincere person. He had a very accomplished incredible life and brought a lot of smiles to this world. He was truly a hero to many.


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