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Jay Barnwell

In Memoriam

July 13, 1948 - December 21, 2022

Jay passed at his home in Colorado Springs and leaves behind his wife, Nancy, and two sons, Marc and Mike.  He was hired by Tigers on August 9, 1971 and spent most of his career in the training department, then B747 Chief Pilot, and System Chief Pilot after the merger.  He retired as a MD11 Captain.

Funeral arrangements have been made for Jay as follows:

Friday, January 13, 2023
Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Church
11020 Techout Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80908
Rosary at 11:00 , Funeral Mass at 11:30

A funny remembrance was submitted by fellow FTL pilot Bob Schmitt:

Sad news about Jay.  He was my simulator instructor in the 727.  I was a crew member on the USS Coral Sea aircraft carrier.  We could invite one person to come aboard and spend the night on the ship, landing aboard and cat shooting off.  I invited Jay and Rick Drury too.  While aboard, the admiral in charge of the Pacific Fleet was aboard and he came to our space in the Combat Information Center.  He asked me if I knew those 2 Flying Tiger pilots aboard, and I admitted that I did.  He said he liked Rick Drury and had read his book, but then he told me that that “other character” was trying to trade his Flying Tiger jacket for his Leather Navy flyer’s jacket with all the patches on it.  He told me to keep that guy away from him, but I never saw him on board before he flew away to North Island.
That was the last time I ever saw Jay.

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