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martin_jackIn Memoriam...

The following kind words were sent to FTLPA on 7/6/2018 by a golfing buddy of Jack's:

As I approach birthday number eighty, I am reflecting on my aviation career and the name Jack Martin, former Flying Tiger chief pilot, came to mind.

By chance, Jack and I met on a golf course one day in 1968 or early 1969 while I was on a day off and he was on sick leave while trying to sort out a heart problem. We would play golf once a month or so. One day in early 1970 I phoned his home to set up a golf game and was told that he had passed away within the past few days. It was, of course, a shock but life went on and I would occasionally reflect on those golf games with Jack. One of the recollections that stands out is that our conversations rarely were about aviation. Kind of unusual for pilots.

I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with Jack and I believe that those of you at Flying Tigers were fortunate to have him at the helm of the flight department.

Capt. Jerry Helland (ret)
American Airlines




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