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J. Garrett Wight

In Memoriam

January 23, 1939 - June 20, 2022

Garrett passed peacefully on Monday.
He had a stroke a couple of years ago, that weakened him and succumbed to a combination of heart and respiratory problems.  He was hired by Tigers in August, 1966 and enjoyed a full career until retirement in 1999.

Condolences can be sent to his wife, Maralyse (pictured with Garret), at Rockwood Retirement South Hill, 2903 E 25th Ave., Spokane WA 99223

The following is from former FTL flight attendant Robin Pestarino:

Garrett was a total goof, he had a wicked sense of humor and was a delight to be around. He was very serious about safe flying when we flew together and I always respected him for that.
He was always a joy to visit with at the reunions. He was never far from his beautiful wife, Maralyse, they were a special couple. Their son is as nice as they were and a very talented artist whom Garrett was especially proud of. We’ll miss Garrett terribly.

Following are some pictures sent by Garrett and Maralyse's son, Joe Wight, who regularly attends our reunions and has produced some wonderful prints of FTL aircraft over the years.


We lost a very good friend of 45 years. Garrett never lost his Marine sense of humor.

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