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Howard L. “Howie” Harder

In Memoriam

June 18, 1941 - November 13, 2020

"I always enjoyed flying with Howie, totally competent and professional! Oh yea, he always brought a bag of fresh avocados to snack on too."  - Ron Way

"Back in the early 80s we had the “Charter Domicile” agreement  on the mighty DC-8.  I spent 2 months with these guys, Howie and Cal Holderman, flying around Europe, the Middle East, and Asia moving freight as scheduled but otherwise doing whatever pleased us in terms of hotels, limos, deadheading, etc.   These photos were from a particular series of trips from the Middle East up to Europe.  We purchased the  ‘keffiyehs’  at a bazaar in Riyadh and wore them with our uniforms as we went about our business.  We drew a few stares as we transited in and out the KLM Crew Center and immigration in Amsterdam.  We were especially well received at our swank 5 star hotels meticulously selected by Cal.   It was great fun and adventure.  Howie as well as Cal were kind, helpful, and very generous.  I miss those times."  Bob Lane

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