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eighties12aSeptember 3, 1983 Flying Tigers Inaugurated
scheduled B-747 service to Australia.






747 over Sidney Habor

December 1982, Al Cormier received the second Robert W. Prescott Memorial Award for his tireless devotion of 30 years and ongoing efforts on behalf of charitable causes around the world.




A new in-flight horse stall "AirStable" was introduced which could be converted into a standard airfreight container in 5-Minutes.The airline's first B727s were placed in service in early 1984. During that year the company celebrated 15 years of service across the Pacific.


In 1984 the DC8-63's were phased out of service as a result of Federal noise regulations that went into effect that year. Flying Tigers sponsored the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo and transported equipment for the games.



The statue of Liberty torch flew on Flying Tigers. The historic symbol was moved from Ellis Island in New York Harbor to Los Angeles for the Annual Rose Parade in Pasadena on January 1, 1985.




January 29, 1985 the first of two "LifeLift" flights for Ethiopian Relief brought food and medical supplies to the starving inhabitants of that country. It was an effort conceived and accomplished by Flying Tiger employees throughout the company's world-wide system.