Flying Tiger Line
Pilots Association

The 1960s

sixties1aWith the annex of Alaska and Hawaii the United States was expanding and so would the Flying Tigers world by the end of the decade. Here, Flying Tigers transports the new 50-star United States Flag.










The acquisition of the CL-44 Fleet began. This is the Delivery of N450T on 10/7/1961

Early in 1961, the first of the Canadair CL-44 click here for details all cargo aircraft joined the Flying Tiger Fleet. The "Swingtails", nicknamed so because their tails literally swung away from the aircraft for loading, had a deck floor equipped with rollers and allowed for the first palletized cargo units. This Aircraft moved Tigers into leadership as the World's largest contract airline.



In 1964 the company graduated its first class of flight attendants. Formalized instruction had replace "on the job" training.