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Harry Taulbee

Mike Thank you for your response. I was lucky to meet Jim Gohm. The interest and kindness he has shown toward me is something it seems I have been seeking my entire life.

In all the years, I've only been able to locate and talk with one pilot that knew my dad and flew with him. My Father, Harry N. Taulbee was killed riding in the back of a Lockheed Lodestar on approach to Van Nuys in the fog in September of 1950. I was 9 months old, so I never got to fly with him or talk airplanes. Non pilots don't seem to understand a lifetime of talking and searching but always empty.

In 1990 while cleaning out my grandmothers garage after her death, I came upon a box. Inside were my dads log books, many pictures (mostly FTL), newspaper articles of his achievements, and several newspaper articles on the crash that took his life. This was entirely overwhelming for me. I understand the saying - "time stood still that day." These papers are real treasures to me. I have read them countless times over the last 10 years.

Then along comes Jim Gohm. The first person to ever show an interest. Then Vern Moldrem's book Tiger Tales. Then, your website, thanks to Jim.

You can imagine my excitement while reading Tiger Tales. I see Bob Prescott, Duke Hedman, Tom Haywood and then look in dads log book and wow, Dec 19th 1945 he flew with Prescott and Hedman from Long Beach to New York and return. And the list goes on and on.

Just last week, Lydia Rossi posted that great picture of Joe Rosbert, so of course I have to look. Yep, Oct 15th 1946 C-54 64354 Taulbee- Rosbert Kansas City to Los Angeles, 8:35 hours. Then Oct 21st 1946, C-47 59277 Taulbee-Rosbert Los Angeles to Kansas City, 8:55 hours. Then I find where Dads log book time was "certified correct - C.J. Rosbert Supt. Operations Flying Tiger Line.

I have what appears to be a summary of aeronautical experience of Harry N. Taulbee and it shows that from 6/1/46 to 1/15/47 he was Asst. Supt. Flight Ops, FTL. So it looks as though he was Rosbert’s Assistant.

The young man standing on the wing of the AVG fighter, wow, I feel like I almost know him. Thanks to Lydia. This is a most exciting time for me in my search for my dad, I know I'll never find him but this is as close as I've ever been.

I would like to share with you and any other interested Tigers, the pictures that I have and would very much like to have a memoriam page for my dad on your website.

I have N numbers for 3 Budds that Tigers owned. Is there anyone that can recall seeing a Flying Tiger Line C-47 with the Tiger teeth painted on the nose? I have a picture. I read where the FTL was always a little different, a little special. From my very limited exposure it is easy to see. A special organization, special people from the beginning right up through today.

Thank you Mike, hope to hear from you.


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