Flying Tiger Line
Pilots Association

Group Bike Ride

DATE: Friday May 3rd
TIME: Meet at 8am to complete forms and attend a briefing
WHERE: Wheel Fun Rentals in Shoreline Village

I am looking forward to the beautiful bike ride that we'll enjoy together while at the FTLPA Reunion in Long Beach, California.  The ride will take about two hours on a dedicated pedestrian/bike path away from any vehicles and along the coast to the south of Shoreline Village. This is not a race, you will be able to pedal at your own pace. We will have three riders who will watch the group to be sure no one gets lost or in trouble.
The fee for the ride is $30 which will include the bicycle, helmet and a Circle T sling bag with water and snacks. If you're riding your own bike then the cost is only $10.
We will meet at Wheel Fun Rentals in Shoreline Village at 8:00 a.m. for a briefing and proper fitting of helmets and bicycles. It's a ¾ mile walk from the Renaissance Hotel that should take you about 20 minutes. More detailed maps and directions will be provided once you sign up. This is a firm time and will work best if we respect each others time and get there exactly at 8. Restrooms and a take-out coffee stand (Twisters & Coffee) is located behind the rental shop.
Please click on the links below to download and print the forms required to register for this ride. All riders will also be required to individually sign a Release of Liability Form (also attached).  Print both forms, sign, and send back with your payment as soon as possible.   Please make your check out to FTLPA. These will be accumulated by John Dickson and one single check will be given to Wheel Fun Rentals once our ride is complete.

Custom Circle T Sling Bag included in fee.

Let’s all be safe and ready to have a good time.  See you on the road.
Gene Dalbey
1183 W 37th St.
Yuma AZ 85365-4582
Cell 928-920-8482 (out of service 3-17 to 3-24)