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Gerald John Casey

casey4In Memoriam...

Gerald John Casey

October 19, 1919 - February 23, 2008

"Jerry" Casey was born in Havre, Montana on October 19, 1919.  He was granted a scholarship to Carroll College where he studied for 3 years while enlisted with the National Guard. He was called to active duty, became a Sergeant and radio operator and was accepted into the Army Air Corps where he became a Lieutenant|

casey2and Flight Navigator. He flew the China Burma India theater in the 22nd bomber squadron, 341st bomber group as a pilot/navigator, flying 51 missions. He was awarded the Air Medal, Distinguished

Flying Cross and the China War Memorial Medal. Upon returning to Montana he completed his academics at Missoula State University earning a law degree in 1948. But flying had claimed his heart and in 1952 he began his career with the Flying Tiger Line. In 1956 he volunteered to fly the Canadian DEW line where he met and married his wife of 21 years, Bonnie. In 1975 he then volunteered to fly the civilian airlift out of Cambodia, earning him

casey3a Presidential Citation. He retired from the Flying Tiger Line in 1979.

Jerry was the 3rd of 5 brothers, all of whom enlisted in WWII, all of whom became officers, and all of whom returned home alive.

Jerry was a patriot and a son of the Greatest Generation. He was a man of true integrity, lover of airplanes, golf, bridge and dogs, and a loving inspiring father to his 3 children (Cindy, Sandy and Bryan) and son-in-law, Bill.

Roger Wilco, dad. Over and out.

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