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Fred Lynch

Fred deserves more then a blank page so here goes!

Fred and I were classmates in the initial golden class of 4/65 on the Connie. Fred never changed from that time until his passing as I knew him. A happy, let’s party, big smile, and just a heck of a good guy. I never flew as crew with him as we were just a few numbers apart but did have a great trip into London while deadheading. 35-45 kt X-wind and Fred just “new” on the 74. about 1000 feet tracking pretty much sideway’s Fred holler’s. “Baird, get up here!” I was in the jump seat. “ Hang of Freddie, I’ve never landed in this much wind either!” Worked out just fine.

Then there was the time I walked into a dinner group in the crab place in ANC and Freddie had his PAX crew plus a few other FA’s eating. I was invited to sit down and partake which I did. As the noise died down later Fred hollers from the other end of the table, "Baird You and I are buying dinner for the crew!” Well he had me so we did . Crab legs for about 15 or 16 people! Or a new car! That was Fred. He left us way too soon and is missed by many.

Bob Baird

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