Flying Tiger Line
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Fort Worth 2024 Reunion

50 Year Anniversary Reunion

Our very special event will be held from April 7-10, 2024 in Fort Worth Texas at the Marriot Courtyard Historic Stockyards Hotel.  In the city that Robert W. Prescott was born, our reunion dates cover the next Total Solar Eclipse, the line of totality running very close to our own private outdoor patio at the famed Joe T. Garcias restaurant.  Our business meeting will be across the street in Billy Bob's 81 Club where significant votes will take place for a new President and Vice President.  Later that night we will hold our 50th Anniversary Dinner and Dance in the private concert area at Billy Bobs, which has been called the world's largest Honky Tonk.  We have no doubt that it will turn out to be the most exciting reunion ever held.

More information about area can be found by clicking on the links below.

All About Fort Worth     Historic Stockyard District

Who's Coming So Far?


General Schedule of Events

Due to the condensed schedule this year and lack of available public courses nearby, there will be no golf tournament scheduled this year.

SUNDAY, April 7
Noon - Reunion Begins
2pm - Buses begin departing for Fort Worth Vintage Flying Museum
.           C47 flights at 4pm and 5pm

3pm-6pm - Hospitality Bar is open in the Stockyard Room at the Courtyard Hotel
8pm-11pm - Hospitality Bar is open in the Stockyard Room at the Courtyard Hotel

MONDAY, April 8
Noon - Lunch at Joe T Garcias (a 10 minute walk from the Courtyard)
               The total eclipse of the sun will be from 1:40 to 1:43 pm
3pm-6pm - Hospitality Bar is open in the Stockyard Room at the Courtyard Hotel
4pm - Tiger Lily Happy Hour (Life Members only by invitation)
- Hospitality Bar is open in the Stockyard Room at the Courtyard Hotel

TUESDAY, April 9
 9am - Coffee and other breakfast beverages at the 81 Club
(across the street from the Courtyard)
10am - Business Meeting at the 81 Club

11am - Guy Van Herbruggen presents “Flying Tiger Archives, Vol. 2”
5pm - Cocktails at Billy Bobs Texas (across the street from the Courtyard)
6pm - Buffet Dinner begins
7pm - Welcome from the Presidents (both old and new)
7:30pm - Entertainment begins

9am - Coffee will offered in the Hospitality Room
10am - Buses begin departing for a 2nd day
.            to the Fort Worth Vintage Flying Museum for
.            C47 flights at Noon

Reunion Activities

Sunday, April 7th
Visit the Vintage Flying Museum
Scenic flights aboard the C47 Southern Cross
$20 Museum Visit Only 
$125 C47 Scenic Flight (includes museum admission)

Planned activities will start right off the bat with the opportunity to visit the Fort Worth Vintage Flying Museum.  The Vintage Flying Museum , located approximately 15 minutes north of the Stockyards at Meacham Airport, is a unique “working” museum where visitors are able to see what it takes to “Keep ‘em Flying”. Most of the aircraft are airworthy and fly on a regular basis for air shows and demonstrations throughout the year. The C47 hangared there, the Southern Cross, was built in 1941 as a passenger aircraft for TWA. After the attack on Pearl Harbor the aircraft was called into action to carry troops and service for the military. After the war, commercial airlines snagged up the plane, which has worn many hats and donned many colors since then before joining the fleet of Greatest Generation Aircraft.

Scenic flights on the Southern Cross lasting approximately 25 minutes will take off at the following days and times.  Passengers will be served champagne and have the oppurtunity to get up, visit the cockpit, and enjoy the view out the large viewing window on the starboard side.

Below are the flight days and times.  All three flights are full.  However, we are taking names for a standby list.

Sunday, April 7th at 4:00pm, 5:00pm.
Wednesday, April 10th  at Noon.

Bus transportation will be provided to and from the three contracted hotels for our event.

Who Has Signed Up?   Video Tour of the Southern Cross

Monday, April 8th - Joe T Garcias
Lunch at Noon, Total Solar Eclipse at 2pm
$60 per person (includes your own eclipse glasses)

This restaurant has been an iconic Fort Worth dining destination for nearly 100 years.  Our group will be hosted in the outdoor La Portola patio area. Eclipse glasses will be distributed to all attending to view the total eclipse of the sun just before 2pm.  Click below for more information about this restaurant, the buffet items and the eclipse.

Included in Buffet     Joe T. Garcias       Great American Eclipse

San Diego 2023

Tuesday, April 9th - Billy Bobs 81 Club
All Members and Guests are Welcome
9:00am Coffee & Pastries
10:am Business Meeting
11:00am Guy Van Herbruggen presents "Flying Tiger Archives, Part 2"

With some significant changes in the leadership at FTLPA, we decided to make this particular meeting one of the more memorable that we've ever had.  Everyone in attendance at the reunion, including guests, is asked to join us at the 81 Club across the street from the Courtyard at 9am for coffee and pastries.   

The business meeting will begin promptly at 10am for approximately one hour.  Most importantly a $9 drink ticket will be given to everyone in attendance for use any time they wish at the full bar that will be set up for us that morning.

Guest Speakers - Guy & Charlie are back

After our meeting concludes Guy Van Herbruggen (right), and Charles Kennedy (left), will present their latest book, "Flying Tiger Archives,Vol. 2,"  that will pick up in 1966 and continue to tell the story of the Flying Tiger Line purely through original pictures and illustrations, mostly from the Flying Tigers Club archives in LAX and from private collections. 

The book stands as a testament to Guy Van Herbruggen's unwavering passion and dedication to the Flying Tiger Line. Delving into the 1966-1989 era, it chronicles the Boeing 707 operations, the decline of the Lockheed Constellation and Canadair CL-44s propjets, the introduction of stretched DC-8s and the 747 FreightMaster, the acquisition of Seaboard World, and the inauguration of domestic 727s operations. Through 375 meticulously restored images curated by the Flying Tiger Line Historical Society, the aircraft, personnel, special charters, passenger services, and tragic events of this period are vividly brought to life.

Tuesday April 9th
50th Anniversary
Dinner & Dance
$90 per person
5:00pm Cocktails
6:oopm Buffet begins.   Included in Buffet
7:00pm Welcome by Officers
7:15pm Entertainment Starts

The building now known as Billy Bob’s Texas was built in 1910 and was once an open-air barn used to house prize cattle for the Fort Worth Stock Show. In 1936 it was remodeled to contain livestock stalls, and an auction ring that is now the Billy Bob’s Bull Riding arena. Livestock events were held here until the stock show moved to the Will Rogers Memorial Complex, in 1943.

Notable for our group is that the building was used as an airplane factory during World War 2, and in the 1950′s the building became a department store so large that the stock boys wore roller skates to make their jobs easier.

Billy Bob’s Texas opened April 1, 1981 with national attention featuring with it’s 100,000 square feet entertainment center, more than 30 bar stations, country music’s biggest stars, real Pro Bull Riding, and a Texas size dance floor. It became known as “The World’s Largest Honky Tonk."  For over 42 years, the biggest stars in country music and classic rock from Alabama to ZZ Top have played on the concert stage in the very same room that our dinner and dance will be held.  Billy Bob’s has been named “Country Music Club of the Year” 12 times by the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association.  More

The celebration of our 50 years together, as well as our good fortunes to be Flying Tigers, will undoubtably make this the most unique reunion that we've ever had.  Sandy White and John Dickson (pictured above) knew from their first visit to the city that this would be the right place to have a great time in.

Wednesday April 10th
Coffee in the Hospitality Suite

Yes!  Free coffee is coming back to the Hospitality Suite, at least for a day just like it used to be not too long ago.  It'll give everyone one last chance to say goodbye before heading out for another year.

Wednesday, April 10th
Visit the Vintage Flying Museum
Scenic flights aboard the C47 Southern Cross
$20 Museum Visit Only 
$125 C47 Scenic Flight (includes museum admission)

Attendees can take advantage of one more opportunity to ride in a C47 before leaving.  The Noon flight is the only one operating unless more sign up.