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Ed Dennis

4/7/1952- December 1983

The below sentiments and photos were provided by Ed's brother Mike:

A friend sent me a link to your memorial page and I was pleasantly surprised to see a photo of my brother Ed Dennis who was a pilot with Flying Tiger Line in the early eighties. He was killed when his Culver Cadet crashed while landing at a small airstrip in Missouri. I still haven't gotten over his death and think of him every day - he and I always kept in close contact.

If I can say anything about my brother it is that he was born to be a flyer. He spent his whole life around airplanes and I think he even soloed before he started driving. He worked hard to get into the airlines and always talked about how proud he was to have a flying career with Flying Tigers. I think he first flew out of Los Angeles and later transferred to Kansa City. Ed had a great personality, made friends easily and had a fantastic sense of humor. The only consolation in his death was that he died behind the stick doing what he loved - flying!

One thing I wanted to add was Ed's ability to make friends - all his old airport cronies and drinking buddies were WW2 fighter and bomber jockeys and he could always get them to talk - he just had a way with them. One even taught him to fly the DC-3 which later provided him a job hauling skydivers while he was in college. They were all his inspiration as he was growing up and also encouraged him as he worked his way up the ladder to the airlines.   Ed was always "old school" in that regards - almost as if he were one of them. I remember they always used to call him "the kid."

These photos came from his effects and I kept them all these years. The one of him standing by the Culver Cadet was just after he had restored it. Thanks for keeping his memory alive.

Mike Dennis

Willows, California

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