Flying Tiger Line
Pilots Association

Douglas E. Happ

Born 5/23/1941
Hired 8/22/1966 (#21455)
Retired xx/xx/xxxx from FDX (#xxxxx)

My Tiger Tales

Prior to employment with Flying Tigers, I was an air traffic controller in the USAF, based at K.I.Sawyer AFB, Michigan/ Clark AFB, Phillippines/ Udorn, Korat and Takhli, Thailand/ and finally Saigon, Viet Nam. I was discharged in 1964 and was hired by Flying Tigers in 1966. I went to the L-1049H Super Constellation as a first officer. I then flew the CL-44 Whispiring Giant, the Stretched DC-63, the B-747 and finally the Airbus A-300. I flew 12 years as a first officer and then checked out as Captain on the DC8-63 in 1978. I then checked out as Captain on the B-747 in 1982 and the Airbus in 1996. I was a line check airman on the DC-8 and the B-747 and thoroughly enjoyed my duties in the training department. I served as an ALPA rep for 20 years. Membership chairman, negotiating committee member, grievance chairman, relief flights committee chairman, and negotiating committee chairman. I reluctantly became Chief Pilot, Western Region for Flying tigers, then Chief Pilot 747 and Director, Flight Operations for Federal Express and finally Flight Manager 747. I spent eight long years in Flight Management, however, I missed line flying too much to continue. I retired in Paris, France on December 17th, 2000...My wife's birthday. I went out 6 months early. I am currently a B-717 instructor pilot for Flight Safety Boeing in Long Beach, California. I enjoy flying my own C-414 and riding my Harley.

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