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The Loss of Captain Dennis Beaulieu

On Saturday, September 18, we all lost a friend. Even though you may never have met Captain Dennis Beaulieu, his positive attitude, quick wit, and love of life were infectious and it was only a matter of time before you too were going to call him your friend. Dennis fell victim to Multi-Systems Atrophy, a degenerative neurological malady similar in symptoms to ALS also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Like most of us, flying airplanes was Dennis’s dream job. His passion began as a young boy, when his father took him flying in an Aeronca Champ that today sits in the family garage waiting to someday be rebuilt and flown again by another member of the Beaulieu family, Dennis’ 13 year old son Austin.

In college, Dennis worked as a member of the United Auto Workers in Detroit but knew he was destined to fly and nothing was going to stand in his way. He began his aviation career as a commuter pilot in Michigan and then went on to fly for a small cargo airline, Zantop. In November 1978 at age 26, Dennis became a Flying Tiger DC-8 Second Officer. Dennis would go on to fly the B747, DC-10, B727, and finally the MD10 and MD11. He circumnavigated the globe many times in his career and particularly loved flying in Europe. Those who flew with him say it was always a pleasure; he was a true gentleman, the consummate professional, and an excellent Captain. For years Dennis served his fellow pilots as a member of the FDX MEC Professional Standards Committee; a position to which he was well suited.

Dennis loved the water almost as much as he loved the sky. Racing his Thistle and Catalina sailboats at the San Diego Yacht Club became a passion, one he was able to share with his wife, Marie, and his son Austin.

As a gift to his son, we are compiling stories from the airline pilot side of Dennis’ life about which Austin knows very little. If you have any anecdotes or tales from time you spent with Dennis, please send them to Captain Michael Arcamuzi at so they can be included in this book.

As funeral arrangements are finalized, further details will be published. Please keep the Beaulieu family in your thoughts and prayers.

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