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Charles (Chuck) Russell Westcott

January 2, 1939 - June 1, 2012

Carmel - Chuck passed away while doing what he loved best…FLYING. It was his passion in life. He is now with our Lord and “soaring like an eagle,” in heaven. He spent 22 years building a beautiful airplane that resembled a cross between a P-40, a Spitfire, and a P-51. It was called a Prowler Jaguar and was his dream plane. Chuck thrilled his family and friends by flying over the house at 250 mph. Chuck had a heart attack while flying; he had built a good plane and it did not falter.   He would want you to know that. He also loved riding his motorcycle and driving his 36 Ford. Chuck loved his toys! He was a wonderful man, full of life, he told it the way it was and people loved him for it. He was extremely generous, loving and caring and he was always ready to help in any situation.

Chuck joined the Navy after graduating from High School. When he completed his Basic Training he was sent to Basic Aviation School. Next Chuck completed a course in Aircraft Jet Engines. He then joined a fighter squadron at Moffet Field which was part of a Carrier AIR Group. He did cruises across the Pacific to the Far East aboard the Midway maintaining the squadron's aircraft. After completing his commitment of four years he left the Navy. Chuck went on to study aviation at Northrop Institute of Technology while working nights until he graduated. After he finished school He worked for Norma Larson Beachcraft doing mechanical work and he also started taking flying lessons. He became a Flight Engineer and Commercial pilot before being hired by the Flying Tiger Line. Over the years Chuck progressed from Flight Engineer to Captain flying the CL-44, DC-8 and B-747 world wide. After the Flying Tiger Line merged with Federal Express in 1989, he flew the B-747 up until his last year and then he flew the DC-10. He retired when he reached the mandatory retirement age of 60. He was truly a self made man.

He married Annette Ramblas, his sweetheart of 4 years, in San Mateo, in August of 1961. He was 22 and she was 20. He loved her dearly and they had two beautiful boys together, Erik and Christopher. Annette worked as a grade school teacher and Chuck was working his way up in the world of flying. They had a wonderful life together until Annette was diagnosed with Lupus. She fought that disease for 5 years before it took her life.

Chuck_ProwlerChuck was devastated but kept strong and raised his sons by himself with the help of a live-in nanny, who later became Mrs. Virginia Westcott in September of 1978. While they were together Chuck and Ginny co-raised Erik and Christopher and they were a family for a long time, enjoying life, having Bar-BQ’s, visiting families and enjoying holidays together. They also liked to travel and one of their most memorable trips was to Australia, driving all over in a RV. They were married for 13 years.

Chuck later met Nancy DeArment and romance again blossomed. They were married in July of 1992, in Truckee, on the deck of their new log home. Chuck and Nancy shared many wonderful years together. They enjoyed traveling all over the United States and internationally to Ireland, Germany and Australia. They drove across the country twice and were planning a trip to Washington State this summer to see Chuck’s family.

Chuck & Nancy lived in Truckee for many years in their beautiful log home, and also in Carmel Valley, where they were blessed with incredible surroundings that only God could create. They spent many years making their Carmel home into their own little villa that they shared with family, friends, and many loved pets.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Annette; his parents, Carl and Gertrude Westcott; his brother Bill Westcott and his sister Marcella Harvey, also by his mother-in-law, Irene Yeatrakas.

Chuck is survived by his wife Nancy; his sons: Erik (Kim) and Christopher Westcott; Nancy’s children: Trina (Lynne Calvert) Lacey; Richard Darby; sister-in-law: Barbara Haasch; seven grandchildren: Mathew 16, Ryan 13, Morgan 7; and from Nancy’s side: Cory 28, Grace 28, Kyle 26, Amanda 21, and Susan 20; three great grandchildren: Austin 6, Peyton 4, and Emma 2.

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