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Charles “Chuck” Elliiot

In Memoriam

 - March 9, 2023

Charles (Chuck) Elliott passed away peacefully on March 9th at the age of 96 in Palm Desert, CA. 
Chuck started in Operations at The Flying Tiger Line as flight planner before winding up as an Operations Control Manager. He choose not to go to Memphis after the Fedex merger and was the OpsCon Manager at Flying Tigers working the last operations shift at High Tiger in Los Angeles. Chuck started at Tigers in Jan 1978, recommended by is brother Jack. Jack Elliott was hired at Flying Tigers in 1958, left Tigers a few years later, went on to work in sales at Douglas Aircraft and was instrumental in helping to get Tigers to purchase the DC-8’s.
Chuck befriended many of the pilots on the line and a few not so friendly and was respected by those in management for keeping the schedule moving and aircraft in the air. After he retired he and his wife Betty moved to Palm Desert, where he played many a round of golf. He is survived by daughters Cheryl, Janine and Patricia (former Tiger crew controller) who is married to Joel Osborne (Capt retired). Quite a Tiger family.
There will be a memorial service at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Palm Desert,CA on March 31st at 11:00am. 
The following from Paul Nowaski:
As a Maintenance Controller in the 80s, I worked many a shift in Ops Con with Chuck.  Sharp and always a gentleman.  R I P, Chuck


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