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Crews getting ready to deadhead from Brussels to Jedah to relieve the present crews and spend a couple of weeks flying the HAJ

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Cold Bay

Cold bay was a a unique outpost that was involved with Tiger history for many years. The route over the North Pacific to Japan and the orient required a fuel stop. Cold Bay was either loved or loathed by crew members, including one Captain who refused to stop and always found it necessary to over…
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The Dew Line

Excerpts From Tiger Tales. "The DEWLINE was the acronym for the Distant Early Warning line of radar installations across northern Canada and Alaska. Flying Tigers was given a subcontract to haul supplies to the various sites during their construction The even numbered sites were one hundred miles apart, and the odd numbered sites were fifty…
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The 1980s

                On October 1, 1980 Flying Tigers merged with Seaboard World Airlines linking the United States with Europe and the Middle East. ┬áThe merger gave the combined airlines scheduled, all cargo service world wide.     December of '80 saw the beginning of Metro Airways, the passenger division…
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