Flying Tiger Line
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Arthur C. Guy

In Memoriam

October 12, 1934 - May 24, 2023

Art was hired by FTL on June 19, 1967 and continued with Federal Express after the merger as a B747 Captain.

The following comes from George Gewehr:

He was a small person in stature, 5'5 at the most. He wasn't big in any way and never overweight. His personality was quiet and he didn't drink heavily. He would join in on a layover for a while and then just leave when he felt like it. He was always game to join the group if it suited him. I only flew with him when he was an S/O, so I didn't know of his flying skills. At least I don't remember flying with in the right seat. The guys that were hired around his seniority all did a good job with their respective positions and I think it was a comment on management that they did a good job in hiring such people.

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