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In Memoriam

November 30, 1915 - March 16, 1971

“A Beautiful Person”

Seldom has a man left behind a richer heritage of esteem and affection than Art Seymour, Senior Director of Flight Operations, who died March 16.  “He didn’t have an enemy in the world,” said Captain John White, Director of Flying. “He was the most balanced, fair, calm man you could meet. A beautiful person.”

 “He was my right arm since 1955,” said Ed Pinke, Sr. Vice President of Operations and Maintenance, who worked with Art closely during many years at Tigers.  “He was the best friend the pilots ever had,” said Captain Wayne Peake, Manager Flight Training.   “He never blew his cool.  If a problem came up about one of the crew he looked into all the facts before he made a fair, considered judgment.”  “He was a sensitive, thoughtful astute man,” said another long-time friend.   (Side note: I believe this quote came from John Ristaino).

Art joined Tigers on November 1, 1946 with an employee number of 248.  Born in Idaho in 1916, he served in the Army after two years in Flight Academy.  He served variously as Captain, Chief Pilot in Denver, Salt Lake City and Burbank, System Chief Pilot in 1956, Director of Flight Operations and as Senior Director of Flight Operations from 1967 until his death.  In the difficult days when Tigers were attempting to get their new fleet of CL-44’s operative, Art spent eight months test-flying the aircraft in Canada on certification flights because Canadair was short of pilots.  He was a member of the management evaluation team responsible for the selection and purchase of Tiger aircraft, and their subsequent operation.

“It’s unusual that a man can supervise 500 people and enjoy their complete respect and affection,” said Ed Pinke.  “But that’s the kind of man Art Seymour was.”  Art leaves his wife, Nora, and their children, Danny, 12; Dawn, 10 and four-year-old Lee Arthur.  “He was a happy man,” said a friend who was with him at the time of his death.  “He was looking forward to all the good things he and Nora and the kids would do.”  A Good man, A kind man.  A reasonable man.  A beautiful person.

Dawn Seymour Adams, daughter and former FTL Flight Attendant

Below are additional pictures provided by Dawn of Art over the years

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Art and Dawn below

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