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Ann Pierce Royall

In Memoriam

August 23, 1931 - October 6, 2020

It is with a very heavy heart I am writing to let you know my mom left us on Tuesday Oct 6th. She fell and broke her hip on August 1st but while in the ER they discovered she had very advanced colon cancer. Unfortunately, she never returned home mostly because the hip injury required 24/7 care. She was well-cared for these last two+ months but because of covid, visiting was extremely limited. There are no words to describe how difficult it was not see her as much as I could and sit with her to the end. While the last 2-1/2 months seemed like an eternity I recognize and am grateful her suffering was limited to that as many people are made to suffer far longer.

She loved attending the reunions, connecting with old friends, meeting lots of new friends, hearing all the stories and sharing memories. We made it to New Orleans, Napa, Portland and Long Beach – she loved them all and always looked forward to the next as have I. Attached are a couple of pics of mom at the reunion (at right with Starr Thompson)

She lived a good long life (turned 89 on August 23rd) on her own terms with no regrets. We should all be so fortunate.


Jennifer Royall

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