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Ann Peterson Ludwig

In Memoriam

August 10, 1926 - October 12, 2020

Flight Attendant Anne Peterson Ludwig, Tiger "stewardess" in the 1940s, passed October 12, 2020.
Anne was with Bob Prescott as his personal nurse when he passed. ...She had just recently celebrated a birthday and her priest told her, “I’m not sure how old you are, but I’m pretty sure you served at the Last Supper!” ( from the Tiger newsletter July 2018)

Ann became very active in the Clipped Wings group, an association of former FTL stewardesses who met regularly and predominantly in the Palm Springs area.  The ladies were informally known as "Bob's Girls".  Ann is seen sitting 2nd from the left in the photo below.







Ann, seen below from a visit to her in 2019, was never without a joke or a smile on her face and will be missed very much.

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