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In Memoriam...

Alvin Grant

3/01/1938- 3/27/2012

Alvin Philip Grant   March 01, 1938-March 27, 2012

Bar Mitzvah March 24, 1951

John Burroughs High School, Burbank, CA. Jan 26, 1956

Glendale College Feb. 01, 1958

United States Navy- Airman 1963

Federal Aviation certificate, flight instructor, Glendale

School of Aeronautics April 23, 1964

Flying Tiger Line DOH March 1966

Certificate of Merit for Management Development for flight operations

Al flew the Inaugural 747 flight into Asia Sept. 12, 1974

That turned out to be one of his regular scheduled flights.

Another Inaugural flight was in a DC-8 Super 63 aircraft from the USA across the USA to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Okinawa & South Vietnam.

Al flew missions and our troops to Vietnam from 1966-1968.

He received a Certification of recognition & appreciation from R.W. Prescott.

Al told stories of landing his DC8 in South Vietnam lights out and being fired at! All in a day’s work when you’re   “A Flying Tiger”

He was co-pilot in 1975 on a DC-8/63 part of the flight crew for the Federal Air Force,   Swiss registered aircraft DC-8/63 HB-IDS, Santa SA de transport Aerien, Geneva from Geneva to LAX.

I believe Al Grant made Captain in 1982 just before I met and dated him the first time.

Al was a dedicated man that took his career seriously; he loved being part of the Flying Tiger line.

For years Al raced for fun alongside his buddy and partner, Jim Carey. They participated in the Jim Hicklin Memorial Air Rally’s.

They both flew and raced Cessna 210, 310, 710 and CL-44

Al’s passion and love for planes was fulfilled when he purchased his T-28 – C Trogon War bird. It came out of Pensacola, in bad shape. It took Al many years and much money to restore it to better than new condition.

He received many awards for the restoration of his T-28-C with the famous Flying Tiger painted on the side.

Al became a   “COG,” Children of the Gods!

He was formation certified.

Not many people get to do what they love for their career and fun, Al did!

I know Al’s up there soaring with the world’s best pilots, tigers that went before him, friends, family and eagles.

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth

Danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings.

Alvin Phillip Grant lived a good life, doing what he loved.

You are loved and missed.

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