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Alexander Bangert III

In Memoriam

May 22, 1960 - December 10, 2019

Alex began his career with FTL on March 1, 1987 and became a Captain with FedEx after the merger.

Alex leaves two sisters, Denise and Laurie, who is a pilot at Southwest Airlines.  She wrote "He was my flying mentor, and helped me become the pilot I am today.  We have lost a great aviator, and an incredible person.

The Legacy of Captain Alex Bangert III will be commemorated at 5:00PM on Sunday December 29, 2019 at the Tabletop Tap House (175 4th Street San Francisco, CA 94103).  Please RSVP (650) 636-4640.

The following comes from Alex's younger sister

I’m Alex’s youngest sister, he used to take me and our mother flying to the nut tree for lunch after he first received his license. We visited him in Arkansas when he was captain of scheduled skyways and he received an award from president Reagan for being the youngest captain in the US.

I have attached a childhood photo of our family before I was born.

The following is from a good friend of Alex's.

My name is Gary Danielsen. I first met Alex around 1981. I was teaching flying at San Carlos airport. Alex came in to get checked out on one of our airplanes and we were fast friends. I was hellbent on becoming an airline pilot and Alex was full of ideas. We talked about it frequently and at some point he showed me a picture of Professional Pilot magazine (I think), with a Scheduled Skyways metroliner on the cover. Alex felt that a job there was a shoe in to get hired by Delta(ha!) I took it to heart and pursued them aggressively and was hired by Scheduled Skyways in 1982.
When the major airlines started hiring, the turnover was happening quickly at Skyways and I called Alex to tell him if he wanted to fly metroliners, he should come out and apply at Scheduled Skyways. He did and I flew with him several times. Always a great professional, safety focused, and a pleasure to fly with. It was also a great time to be at a small airline, people were upgrading quickly, we were a young, ambitious crowd.
I stayed in contact with him through the Eastern, Flying Tigers and early Fed Ex years but we fell out of contact after that. I would sometimes see his sister Laurie when she was with United cs at SFO and she would update me about his whereabouts and ask her to say hi.
Alex was a fun guy to be around. We had great times together, tennis, running, and of course, great parties. He was a consummate professional pilot and you could tell he really loved it. I was shocked to see this memorial on the Flying Tigers board. I was sharing stories about Alex over dinner with my wife last night. She googled him and that’s how I found out.
Rest In Peace my friend. It’s been a wild ride, so glad I could share some of it with you.
Gary Danielsen (United, retired)

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