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2023 San Diego Photos

Our 49th Anniversary Reunion was held in San Diego at the Wyndham Bayside Hotel from May 26th to May 29th.  As done every five years, we used this reunion to recognize our stewardess and flight attendants for their contribution to the success and legacy of the Flying Tiger Line.  The event was attended by over 300 members and their guests, the weather was perfect and everyone agreed that this was one of the better events that we have had.

Side events included a Saturday golf tournament organized by Robert Carona. The Business Meeting was held Sunday morning followed by a Flight Attendant Luncheon,  a Life Member (Tiger Lily) happy hour, and an Open Mic session in our Hospitality Room attended by 105-year old Capt. Orval Prevost.   Memorial Day Monday was spent aboard the USS Midway where ten volunteer docents gave private tours to our group.  The reunion ended Monday night with our Beach Boys themed buffet and dance to the sounds of Woody & the Longboards.   Click HERE to see the list of who attended.

The images in this gallery are sized for easy viewing and downloading on your electronic device.  One of the best ways to view is to select the first image in the grouped gallery, click on the play arrow at the bottom of the screen, and set back and enjoy the slide show.  Downloading any particular image is as easy as clicking on the down arrow.  If you need a particular JPEG in higher resolution then please contact Eliot Shulman with the file number (displayed when hovering over the thumbnail).

Below Eliot's photos gallery are more pictures submitted by others in attendance and grouped by activity as they occurred during the event.  Please scroll all of the way down below Eliots shots to see all available galleries.

Hospitality Room 

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Business Meeting

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Memorial Day Aboard the USS Midway

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Banquet Portraits

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Dinner and Dance 

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Flight Attendants Luncheon

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Captain Orval Prevost

Photos Submitted by Others

The gallery of pictures below were submitted by other attendees, supplementing the great shots that Eliot took when he was not able to be everywhere at once.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom to see all of the different events included.

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2023 Memorial Wall

Eliot Shulman and Wayne Zeitler created a wonderful display dedicated to those Flying Tigers who flew west since our 2019 reunion in Long Beach.  Click on the link above to view a PDF of those who were honored.

Got a good shot that you would like added to this gallery?  Email it to John at and he'll get it added.