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2019 Long Beach

Our event this year was held in Long Beach, CA at the Renaissance Hotel from May 1st to May 4th. Side events included golf at the  Los Alamitos Naval Golf Course, a Flight Attendant Pajama Party Brunch held at the home of Deborah and Jim Paul, a group bicycle ride in which 39 attendees participated, and a visit to the Flight Museum and Learning Center at LAX.  Saturday started off with the Business Meeting, followed by a special Tiger Lily Lunch, Open Mic in the afternoon, and our Sock Hop dinner and dance that night.  A group of 18 took advantage of the post-reunion Catalina Adventure.  A list of those who attended the reunion can be viewed by clicking on Who Came?

The images in this gallery are sized for easy viewing and downloading on your electronic device.  If you need a particular JPEG in higher resolution then please contact Eliot Shulman with the file number (displayed when hovering over the thumbnail).   Below Eliot's photos are more grouped pictures submitted by others in attendance.  Please scroll all of the way down to see all available galleries.

Got a good shot that you would like added to this gallery?  Email it to John at and he'll get it added.

Photos by Eliot Shulman

Eliot's photos of the FA PJ Party have been separated out and appear below if you scroll down.

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Golf Photos were taken by Robert Carona, Tom Constable and Bob Cecchi

Golf Photos

Flight Attendant Pajama Brunch by Eliot

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More Friday Flight Path Photos from Rudi

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Group Bicycle Ride

More Sock Hop Photos from Rudi

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Additional Photos Sent In

The additional photos below were taken by Guy Van Herbruggen, Rudi, JoNell Kocisko, Tom Constable, Jeanne Dickson and many more.

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Catalina Adventure
Photos by Stan Gibson, Leslie Pfiefer, and Susan Latvala

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